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Journal Visaris's Journal: intolerance of intolerance 1

intolerance is evil

intolerance of intolerance is actually good

in fact, to meet a fundamentalist, and for them to call you intolerant, as in, hypocritically intolerant, is actually a badge of achievement

because you are not hypocritically intolerant if you are intolerant of them

because what they don't understand is that fundamentalism is true intolerance, and therefore to be intolerant of that is actually to strive in the direction of more tolerance

intolerant: "because you are not a true christian/ true muslim, i am better than you" =evil

intolerance of intolerance: "because you consider yourself better than me based on your religious bigotry, i am intolerant of you" =good

intolerance can be predicated on a number of characteristics of a person that is not intolerant in and of themselves: race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

intolerance can also be predicated on someone else's intolerance: not tolerating their intolerance of someone because of race, religion, seuxla orientation, etc.

so you can judge any tolerance in question as to what it is opposed to. and if it is opposed to some inherently nonintolerant feature of a person, it is true intolerance. but if it is opposed to an intolerant feature of the person themselves, it is not intolerance, it is a form of tolerance, because it directed against real intolerance
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intolerance of intolerance

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  • Your journal entry boils down to "intolerance of things I like is bad, but intolerance of things I don't like is okay". Congratulations, I'm sure anyone, no matter how closed-minded or enlightened they may be could make that statement.

    You do at least get some points for exploring the distinction that intolerance of some property of a person is bad, but intolerance of some perceived intolerant attitude of theirs is fine. Unfortunately, your examples then refute your own point:

    intolerant: "because you

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