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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Dead Like Me - The Movie 2

For those of you who have seen the series and thought it was great, just a note to let you know that they were filming parts of it last week-end in my neighborhood.

I couldn't figure out why the dogs were barking, until I went to the door and found the announcement that they were filming, that the small bridge across the canal (I'm the second house from it) was closed for filming, as were many of the streets.

Apparently, if the film does well, they may resurrect the series. Bringing back "Dead Like Me" from the dead works for me.

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Dead Like Me - The Movie

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  • I liked the series, but I think a movie of dead like me is like a movie of "friends"...
  • God, it's like a fricking tease. They always say they'll bring it back from the dead, but the reality is, it was a niche show that showed on an unpopular cable network, and probably doesn't have the fan base to be enough of a theater success to actually restart the show.

    Which sucks because the show was awesome. Ah well, at least they can tie up some loose ends.

    Pisses me off that crap stays on the air for decades, but good stuff is lucky to get a season or two...Hell, take something like Firefly which didn't

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