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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 11 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 11 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1275.Pablo Valério Polônia - City: Florianópolis - Country: Brasil , Sue me microsoft, Linux is my primary operating system, and Ubuntu is my favorite distribution.
1276.Maxwell Gonçalves de Almeida - City: Florianópolis - Country: Brazil, I started with mandriva, then moving to SuSE for the laptop, now a Ubuntu Feisty fawn user to all, except Palm TX :(. I use linux because it is trustful, reliable, configurable, adaptable, we can learn more about operational system and give something back to the community that suports it.
1277.Wim Stubbe, Belgium. Slackware, Suse, and now Debian since 1997.
1278.Deepak Barua Been using redhat debian and now currently ubuntu since 2002 in india i use linux because i can get access to all development library code with any hassles , essential for driver software
1279.Maurício Silva Teixeira de Nóbrega, Brasil. Ubuntu, desde 2005. COM MUITO ORGULHO.
1280.Pertti Virtanen, Finland. Debian, since 2005 and Firefox 2004.
1281.Paul Chvostek, Toronto, Canada. Primarily using FreeBSD, though I do use Linux in work environments due to driver and software availability. I've been using X as a GUI on various platforms since 1993. The only Microsoft in my home is a presentation mouse. Perhaps MS should get out of the software business and stick to building rodents.
1282.Tom Mann, London, UK. Running Ubuntu 7.04 dual-booted with UbuntuStudio as a Digital Audio Workstation. Stability, responsiveness and the lowest latency I've ever had the fortune to encounter.
1283.Jo/rgen Elgaard Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Long time sinner. I have run Linux on several servers since 1994, and on all my desk- and laptops since 1999. Microsoft should be very suspicious towrds me, since I have not registered any on the four Windows licenses that came with the PCs I bought the last couple of years. Oh, wait, you have to boot Windows to register. SIlly me. I am only booting to Debian GNU/Linux.
1284.Raymond Wright, Grand Island, Ne. Running Ubuntu Fiesty on desktop. Servers also running linux.
1285.Silas Wulff, Denmark. Running Ubuntu and Fedora. I'm lovin it. Com'on, sue me!
1286.Novachok Alexandr, Ukraine, Mariupol. I use OpenSuSE.
1287.Jones, Ralph, Toronto, Canada. I use Mepis. Please sue me.
1288.Drew Anderson (drew at divinelabs dot com) I use Slackware and Umbuntu for desktops, and Debian and FreeBSD for servers. and tho i do have to use one Windows box for work, i use openoffice, audacity, firefox and thunderbird on this work box.
1289.Bill Johnson, Jordan, Mn. Please sue me. My Redhat, slackware, and Suse linux distributions all use a color blue for the desktop that is SIMILAR to the default in Windows. Not only that, but it has a mouse pointer too....oh, wait, I guess Microsoft stole that from Xerox...nevermind. Not only that, I'm sure the 20 odd casement windows in my house offer some sort of trademark infringment as well as the rather large collection of paper clippys in my desk drawer. In addition, I have never run the "Genuine Linux" evisceration...oops evaluation utility to determine my legality. Alas, as an "X"-Windows user, I'm sure that there must be some infringment pending as the Direct"X" technology uses the same alphabetic character, sorry. Also, I'd like to file a counter-claim as I wrote the line of code "int status=0" back in 1982 and feel that MS has taken my IP without suitable compensation.
1290.Jose Caraballo - Phila. PA USA - I use Ubuntu, Knoppix and CentOS. Basically on a built system, Dell, IBM and MAC. I have either dual-booted or removed the Win32 (XP/Vista) virus from the systems. My router is fully Linux OS. Using OpenOffice, Gimp, Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox...etc. without the need of any Microsoft products. I have also fully loaded Gentoo Live CD on the XBOX 360. I have successfully, and without compensation or rewards, passed this knowledge to others for FREE as in "free beer". Use this command: Sudo apt-get remove Win32; apt-get install Feisty
1291.Scott Naef, NJ USA - MythTV user for over 4 years. Ubuntu 7.04 on the desktop. Linux is the only avenue that offers a steady worry free pipeline for the long term.
1292.Artur Fernandes de Souza Filho, Minas Gerais - Montes Claros Brazil. I use Fedora core 6 and Debian 4 amd64,Micro$hit: please attack me if you can!
1293.Dario David P, Caballito - Buenos Aires, Argentina. I use legal version of windows 2000 pro y office 2003 licensed to me, thru a former employee. I installed openoffice, because it's better anyway . I think MS also patented double-click... and I do "double-click" in several systems. Propietaries and not... may be because double-click is knowledge and not a "technich"... Don't sue me. COME AND GET ME IF YOU CAN!!!
1294.Bill Martin - Weems, Virginia. I have Debian running on a box in Mila, Virginia. Think you can find Mila? Find me in Weems - it's on the map.
1295.Frederik Hertzum, Odense, Denmark. I've been running Linux since 1999ish and have been using Free software since 1998ish. I doubt that there are anyone besides me, with my name, in the world, so if you find me, feel free to knock on my door.
1296.Richard Boulais Dallas,Texas,U.S.A. (Fedora Core 6)I have had Windows XP on my wifes computer for years because she was more comfortable. Two months ago she had another catastrophic failure.Today she is using Linux everyday with no complaint and no failures.
1297.Gutemberg Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I use Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox and more. How many patents I crash? Microsoft don't fight! It can use Free Open Source Software too!
1298.Philip Lyons, McKinney, Texas. There are four computers in my household...2 Servers, 2 Desktops. Every single one of them running Slackware Linux. Why anyone would pay for your worthless, proprietary operating system is beyond me. I pity those that don't know any better, or think their is no other way. If you want to spread your FUD, and threaten litigation...please, oh pretty please, come see me first.
1299.Matthew Crisp, Palm Springs, California. Vista drove me to finally installing a linux distro. Now I've completely whiped XP from every single computer I own. I run pure Ubuntu GNU/linux, and I joined the FSF. I learned more about computers, while also having an easier time of it and a more stable experience, in the first 6 months of Using Ubuntu than the previous 11 years of using windows (starting with windows 3.1). You can pry my beautiful OS from my cold dead fingers.
1300.Ryan Brooks, I hate Microsoft because they cut corners and make my pc experience shit cause they are lazy. Wow, i got through this sentence with out the BSOD popping Up. Switch to mac, i have 4 intels and 2 PPCs, and I love them all dearly, but the blue PPC imac is getting a little buggy, but whatever, i have it loaded with like 8 years of crap, i could do some cleaning out.
1301.Alexander Todorov, Bulgaria, : Through the years I've been using every popular Linux or BSD distro. Now I am running a mixture of Ubuntu , Debian, RHEL & Fedora on several laptops and desktop PCs. Anything that MS Windows is more easy to use and I am more flexible in doing my job. Linux is more productive.
1302.Christopher Bautista, Philippines, : What i dont understand is open source software has little or no bugs and are free. WHile Microsofts "patented" technologies gets more bugs everyday
1303.Trystan Snyder, Barre VT, United States, : Ubuntu, Fedora Core, and formally a Suse user (until that ugly deal with Microempire) It always amazes me how something FREE is so maintained, stable, used, productive, unique, ground breaking, revolutionary, logical, all without a SINGLE AD ON TELEVISION. Very proud of the Ubuntu/Beryl combination, puts every other os to shame really.
1304.Andreas Wagner, Bühlertal, Germany: Ubuntu 7.04 at Desktop & Debian 4.0 at Laptop. Sue me!
1305.Sámal Rasmussen from the Faroe Islands (Denmark). Full time Ubuntu user. Please sue me.
1306.Yossefa Mekyton from Occupied Palestine (i.e. israel) - free software! (and people and animals, too)
1307.Zhang Heng, ZheJiang Province, PR China, : Debian 4.0 at Dell Latitude C610. Sue me!
1308.yogesh chavan, pune, India, : I use debian etch and gentoo 2007.0
1309.Tiago F. Aranha, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, : Ubuntustudio at HP nx9005. Sue me!
1310.Easwar Hariharan,Mumbai,India,:I use Mandriva 2007 on assembled PC at home......SUE ME TOO PLEEEEEASE!
1311.The Arachnid, India,. Linux Addict, Occasional Hacker of own machines; Currently I use mandriva{06,07},fedora{5,6},yoper,ubuntu,redhatEL,centOS,debian-sarge,minix,FreeBSD. My usage ranges from enjoying the media to writing patches, bug fixes and some minor coding. Please check the list, may be you would also love to include BSD & minix in your SO-CALLED-PATENT-VIOLATION list and feel free to sue me. Free as in Speech, Not Beer!
1312.Buzar, Danilo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, : Micro$oft, i am flattered of being sued by your incompetent company! Thanks a lot!
1313.Eric Nichols, North Pole, Alaska. I began using Slackware in 1997 after I lost 2/3 of a novel I was writing to Microsoft incompetence. I have since written three more novels using emacs. I am also on the KDE Development team (mainly documentation)
1314.Mike Cochran, North Platte, Nebraska. Email: kc0tma at gmail dot com. Currently on HDD install of Fedora 7 live cd test 4, awaiting tomorrows release of Fedora 7 full version, and have OS X Tiger laptop. Started with Fedora Core 4, also used Ubuntu and SuSE 10.1 and 10.2 (not any more, suckers!), various knoppix and slax distros. I'm just annoyed by entering 25 character long product keys and having to keep track of licenses and junk. At my work we have 6 Microsoft 2000 server/server 2003 servers and 2 red hat servers. The Red Hat machines run flawlessly, the Microsoft boxes need constant TLC. Red Hat says it best: "TRUTH HAPPENS". Why does MS not sue Apple, they use the linux kernel in OS X. Microsoft eq MegaStupid.
1315.Raffaele Cristodaro, Lugano, Switzerland sorry bill but my PC runs Mandrake/Mandriva GNU/Linux and it will do it until it will work, however if I will think to change I would never install a Microsoft software, the reason? Linux works faster and better than Windows. I'm a fun of open source; do you know what's that? i'm sure you do, because it made you lots of problems. i'm so sorry.... ahahaha
1316.Richard Martel ... go ahead Bill, Make My Day!!
1317.Piro Frost, Oklahoma, USA. My PC runs Sabayon linux, why? because Windows is an overpriced chunk of stolen data that seems to gather too many lawsuits to count. Yet Microsoft wants to turn around a be hyprocritical about Linux stealing this and that. Wheres the proof? I don't see linux paying AT&T for a lawsuit over stolen data. Linux maybe harder to using in some cases, but it is also more idiot proof than windows, doesn't get viruses and spyware all the time, doesn't need to defrag, is mostly free (unless you want to use windows apps with cedega or crossover), and can be very user friendly. I don't need to pay for an OS that doesn't even use my hardware properly, when I can get one that works great for free.
1318.Carlos Zúniga, Arequipa - Perú. Proud user of Debian GNU/Linux since 2003. Sue me as much as you can!
1319.Bruno Daenen - Belgium. Convinced user of Ubuntu.
1320.Pritam Ghanghas - India. Using fedora for the past 2 years and I love it.
1321.Larry Finger, Nevada USA. Email: Larry dot Finger at lwfinger dot net. I use openSUSE 10.2 as my primary OS. I switched away from Windows XP when it started taking over 10 minutes for my machine to boot due to all of the anti-malware needed to protect against the inherent lack of security in Windows.
1322.Peter Graham, A.K.A PhoneyWar - I use Ubuntu as a 'secure' platform for analysis of Windows Malware. I downloaded this directly from one of the Ubuntu mirrors and so have not paid for the use of the allegedly patented material. Please, Please sue me and my employer - We need the publicity.
1323.András Pelach - Hungary. I use Ubuntu 7.04 as my primary OS.
1324.Dario Spitaleri - Sicily -Italy ! I use Debian Etch 4.0 as my unique OS. Sue me Bill! I wait you!
1325.Giovanni Calmon - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - I use Ubuntu 7.04 at the home and office PCs and OpenSuse 10.2 in the office server. Bill, please visit me to see how happy we are with Linux and do not forget to sue me!!!
1326.Eduardo Chou - Brazil - I use Kurumin, and i love it. =P
1327.Sebastian Worms - Belgium - I use Kubuntu, and since then, my computer run faster and I forgot how a BSOD is made... Please, sue me, sue me harder!
1328.Jesús Torrado Cacho - Spain - I use Debian with KDE, in order to use the free LaTex distribution teTeX to write scientific papers and, well, sometimes, play go against GNUGo. I would be glad to be sued :)
1329.Justin Smith -North Carolina - I use Ubuntu 6.10 on my custom built pc and also on an old Dell laptop. The reason I run Linux/GNU on the Dell laptop is because Win2k BSOD'd and I didn't have the disks to re-install. I run Linux on my pc because I built it, and had a choice in which operating system I could use, so I went with the more stable choice. I have learned so much about computers since I began using linux...that I could never again be satisfied with a cookie cutter operating system that I can't customize to suite my needs .. such as windows. So sue me..I have a nice collection of Linux live cd's you can have....
1330.The Arachnid here again (previously at 1311), I have reverted this page to normal after some MS fan polluted this page. Please see the history versions for whatever that MSfan had written. For him and Microsoft: You both can only think of making things bad, no constructive vision, always thinking to spoil things, becase you guys donot fit for healthy and fair competition. Microsoft, go on, sue me for this now and oh even for using the new fedora 7 released yesterday.
1331.Ramy Zeyde - Israel - I use Ubuntu 6.10, MoinMoin, LaTeX and Graphviz to run my team's Wiki. It just works! And guess what, Micro$oft, it didn't cost me a buck :)
1332.Martin van Zanten - Netherlands - martinjzuatgmaildotcom - I mainly use Ubuntu, and a variety of other distros for research purposes!
1333.Cyril Gros - Switzerland - I use Debian and two others distros based on debian (Ubuntu, and am trying E-live these days, Enlightment E17 is really a funny WM!). I haven't used use MS Windows for a long time, and I bought my PC's without expensive licenses.
1334.Jacson Clemes ( SLAIDEL ) - City: Blumenau - Country: Brasil , I use Debian with Gnome.
1335.Rene Kokenberg - Winnipeg,Canada (Dutch) - Used various Linix and OSS, currently using SLED10.1 @ Work and openSuSE10.2 @ home.
1336.Julien Mazé - Brest, France - Expecting a new laptop to install Ubuntu instead of Windows.
1337.Elroy J. Lamont - Lynnwood,Washington (United States) - Using Ubuntu 6.10, OpenOffice and many other Open Source products for many years on many computers, please sue me steve ballmer you fat disgusting fascist sack of crap, sincerely, Elroy Lamont.
1338.Timothy K. Taylor - U.S. - Fedora Core, OpenSSL, Apache, OpenLDAP, etc - The only Windows I run now is 2000. The license registration at XP and beyond (as well as, the larger footprint) is not acceptable to me. Hopefully this will open the eyes of the masses to not only see that the value of an OS is not implied by its price, but also to realize that some software vendors will certainly consider litigation revenue if they do not have the perspective that THEY need to provide users (especially developers) with what they want and need rather than expect them to buy in volume whatever THEY choose sell. The MS comment shows they are drunk with the power users (and programmers) have given them. Perhaps its time to take some of it back. Sue me first Microsoft.
1339.Fazenda E. I use Backtrack 2 , Ubutnu and a Debian ... Windows vista it's a joke ?Oo
1340.Charles C. Eddy - U.S. - I use Ubuntu 7.04 for everything, from gaming to office. So sue me.
1341.Renato Carneiro Pacheco from Brazil - Goiás - Goiânia. A one year ago I've moved to Slackware and so I completely forgot Micro$hit! I can do everything! Remembering: Micro$hit copy the famous "Windows" from MAC... Poor Bill! Sue me fot that! hahaha!
1342.Cláudio Carlquist - Brazil - Lorena, Sao Paulo: Ive being running Slackware Linux since 1994; Microsoft-free since 1995, so Im challenging Microsoft just because Id love to be sued for THAT reason!
1343.Robin Martinjak - Germany: I dont want to have to install ~10 Programs just to remove the built-in spyware of my OS. I want a secure, stable, fast and customizable OS. Sue me ffs!
1344.Joe Anderson - America - Gentoo: I switched when I got a new laptop, my brother helped install so that the computer I am typing on has NEVER once booted to Windows. I take pride in Unreal Tournament being the ONLY application I've payed for on my laptop. With OLPC and vista's suckiness, now you are SCREWED gates! Sue me now!
1345.François Jacques - Québec, Canada - fjacques_at_division5_dott_com - I use, recommend and installed OpenOffice because it is as good as any major word processing software. Since I will be sued for using open source software, I would also like to be sued for promoting and installing said software on other people's computers. Thank you very much
1346.Sam Kline - Massachusetts, United States - I don't want to pay to type my english paper. Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice 2.2
1347.Josh Morgan, London, UK- Microsoft is just ridiculous now. Go Linux!
1348.Kilian Hagemann, Cape Town, South Africa. Technical Director of [ RedButton]. In our company we exclusively use Ubuntu for desktops and PC's, FreeBSD for the servers. We are violating Microsoft patents? Seeing is believing...
1349.G David Mackey, Texas --- I replaced XP with PCLinuxOS 2007, dualbooting to 98-liteSE. 98-lite (got IE/OE, all the web services and unnecessary junk ripped out) is only there for the games that Linux as of yet can't run, and soon as ReactOS is ready for prime-time 98 will be gone, too. Even on XP I used a large number of OSS apps, and I got tired of constantly fighting off malware anyway. *rant* Not to mention Micro$teal Genuine Abuse. Vista convinced me to switch to Linux - pay that much for that worthless pile of DRM infested, overbloated, underperforming, malware attracting crap that comes with a licence so restrictive it makes the Third Reich look good? Fuck you, Micro$teal! Since when does a pack of convicted thieves, liars, and extortionists get off treating it's customers like criminals? And since you like accusing others of being pirates, "Yaaaar! Shiver me timbers, thar be no scurvy Vista on me deck, matey! It be walkin' th' plank, ne'r to return." I'm not installing vista or what garbage comes after, ever, and you can't make me. As for your stupid FUD campaign and threats, got proof to back up the bull? Show us the code if you got the balls. But then the only thing Micro$steal innovated in it's entire existance is a method of putting a ton of bullsh!t in a one-pound bag. Micro$teal is their own worse enemy. *endrant* Now sue away punks, but I owe you nothing. Instead, you owe me for years of fixing your defective software. OSS is superior in every way, cope with it.
1350.Mikael Jensen, Denmark, I've been on Linux since '94, always been a Redhat guy, but also had some Suse installs. (I do prefer Redhat and Suse). I use Fedora Core, 4,5 and 6 at the moment on different machines at home and OpenSolaris at work (now working for Sun), Openoffice and staroffice all around, and zattoo for TV.
1351.David Powell - davidpowell at aanet dot com dot au. I use linux everywhere and all the time - Debian on my servers, Mandriva and sometimes opensuse on my desktops. I use linux at home for personal use and to run a small business (.5 days a week) and away from home at my my day-job (the other 4.5 days a week). I use it because it works and I can share it with others.
1352.W. Flores Olea- Ubuntu 7.04 user: Sue me Microsoft, because i've convinced my employeers to NOT buy MS SQL Server, and Windows Server, instead, we got a cheap MySQL and Ubuntu 6.06 server, supported UNTIL 2011! Beat that! Yes, i've also already convinced them to not buy more Windows licenses. I'm planning to switch ALL our systems to Linux, and convince other coleages too when i show them how smooth all our systems are running.
1353.J. Janssen - Vught - The Netherlands: Sue me Microsoft, because I think you really suck. I spended thousand euro's to Linux, donated and retail versions. My desktop runs BLAG, my notebook runs MCNLive, my Xbox runs Linux, so does my ipod.
1354.Blue Cunningham. I use Ubuntu and Fedora, because I can.....
1355.Rafa Maszkowski, Poland. I run Fedora 6 usually. FTP/rsync/WWW servers, workstation at work, notebook. On the notebook I deal with some sound playing and processing, I hack sox, the interactive version.
1356.Andrew Orr - Winnipeg, Canada - I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 and loving it. I also run debin on my servers, so sue me first!
1357.Bruno R. V. Tonia, Brazil. I use Slackware Linux 11.0, BrOffice, Mozilla Firefox and many free software, so sue me if you can.
1358.Joseph A. Gumbosky - Brackenridge, PA, USA Using Fedora CORE 6 on my desktop and Mepis on my laptop. So sue me!
1359.Pedro Arthur P. Rosa Duarte - Areia Branca, RN, Brazil -> 2x Slackware 11.0 + Ubuntu 7.04 and growing
1360.Shashank Bharadwaj -Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Using Debian-Etch, Slackware 11.0. I do not think software patents are applicable in India, even if it were Sue me First!!
1361.Thiago Rodrigues - Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil. A M$ pode me processar porque eu uso o Debian Etch e Kurumin7 o Linux do Brasil. Vê lá:
1362.Bert Rapp - I've been using Linux for about 10 years now. You're just threatening to sue now?
1363.Joshua Willingham, San Diego, California, USA - Debian on the laptop, desktop, and server. Made the switch from openSUSE when they betrayed the community. Too bad, now you'll just have to sue me since I'll never buy another Windows os in my life.
1364.Al Settle, British Columbia, Canada deumDOTbakkaATgmailDOTcom - Debian on four networked computers. No Micro$hit here for five years. Please sue me first!
1365. Darren Pointer - I successfully have dual-booted vista and ubuntu with out having to rebuild the vista bootloader. (well i did it one time)
1366. Cliff Savage - I Love Linux and it's adherence to industry standards. I prefer to use software written by the same people that wrote the standard - which I realize isn't always possible. I will never use a microsoft product to provide core underlying network functionality on my network. So sue me.
1367. Lim Han, Singapore - I've been using Linux for 8 years. Mandrake, Slackware, Debian and now Ubuntu 7.04 so sue me.
1368. Dan Nelson, Perth Australia - I use Ubuntu Linux on the desktop and Debian on several servers. I believe in sharing innovation. Please sue me.
1369.Russell Johnston (patent Pending) I have been using Linux since Slackware 1 point something. Currently using gentoo at home for fun and profit. fav apps are rosegarden, mythtv, hydrogen and netbeans for java and ruby-rails development. I teach Diploma level programming, network and database management using suse 10 server. Areas covered are web servers, domain controllers, name servers, routers all using open source software and could not imagine using windows as a firewall:) My workstation at collage is suse 10.2 So sue me
1370.Mike Shafer, Pittsburgh, PA USA I started using Linux via a Slackware distro in Jan 1995 and watched with wonder and joy as the F/OSS movement has exploded with innovation ever since. History shows that widely appealing ideas gain their own momentum and ultimately become a force majeure. Obnoxious actions by entities attempting to derail such trends only smear themselves with their own short sightedness and earn a well deserved contempt. Let's them them get there sooner. In my office it's RH server, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Open Office... Hey MS, sue me! :)
1371. Tony Smith, UK. Developing in Linux and have it running on all my PC's now.
1372. Tris Orendorff, Canada. I've been suggesting Linux to friends who have lost control of their Windows computers to viruses and ad-ware for four years now. So sue me.
1373. Madhusudan.C.S, India, I am a user of Ubuntu and sometimes Debian. I hate Winblow$ because it just sucks. I have been a promoter of Free Software around my place. I also hate Micro$hit because of the Anti-Competitive Practices they follow. I want each and everybody on this planet to abandon Micro$hits softwares and use Free Software.
1374.Richard Rasker, Enschede, The Netherlands - responsible for almost one hundred un-Microsoft-licensed Linux users (and managing easily :-), but also having a dozen desktops, laptops, servers, testing and development machines around the house (and still managing easily :-). This should make an easy target for your lawyers! You just can't miss! Just look up my name on the Internet for a proper address and the likes.
1375. Tom Frasier, Albany, NY, USA -- Two Desktops running Arch Linux at home (three as soon as the Windoz Box HD dies). Firefox, OpenOffice, Abiword and other F/OSS all around. So sue me!
1376. Danni Matzk, England. Use Kubuntu on both desktop and laptop, and have two webservers running Cent OS. When I do use Windows, I use Firefox, Open Office, Thunderbird, The GIMP and other F/OSS. Sue me :D
1377.Shane Whalen, Litchfield, NH, USA. Ubuntu and Fedora Core 5 are my distros of choice. I started using linux when i went to a linux conf called nels where they showed me the light. It is the only way to go are far as money and use.
1378.Othello Dela Cruz, Angeles City, Philippines. I use Ubuntu at home. In the office where I am '''FORCED''' to use WINDDOWN got all the portable applications from [] which doesn't need installation from gimp, Open Office, Firefox I think I've started a trend there. Are these apps I'm using violates MicroSueft?[ othello]
1379.Rosen Geogriev Zhelev, Varna, '''Bulgaria '''. Currently I use Fedora Core 6, used 4,5. Since then I have never thought about back to Windows or something connected with Microsoft. Greetz and good luck to all new Linux users.
1380.Abhijeet Hatekar ( abhi[dot]hatekar[at]gmail[dot]com ) I use Fedora 6, Solaris 10, Debian. I hate windows because it get infected and crash within a week and IE Sucks...sue me
1381.Israel Guadarrama Zarate, Guadalajara Mexico I use Ubuntu at home. In the office I'm using violates ?MicroSueft?[ doc|]
1382.Richard Fieldsend, Cambridge, UK. One of my work machines runs Ubuntu, and at home I run Gentoo Linux. What I love about it is that when it works it is solid, and reliable, and when it doesn't work I get an error message that I can actually use to fix the problem, not just a mysterious dialogue box that doesn't tell me anything. Gentoo takes a while to install and isn't for the beginner, but compiling your own versions of all software means that even an AMD XP 2400+ is a fast, usable machine, where as Windows XP grinds on something much faster. And I've just donated an old laptop to my brother in law, and he's now running Ubuntu for the first time and liking it. So go ahead, sue me!
1383. Elliot Dickerson (gamewiz(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk) Cheltenham, UK. i want you to sue me please! i use Ubuntu and Sabayon all the time and im always converting people from windows to linux to show them how much better opensource is. why pay when you can get so much better software for free.
1384.Hein Kruger, Utrecht, The Netherlands, heindsight[at]gmail[dot]com, At the moment I use Ubuntu. I've been using various GNU/Linux distibutions (Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake, Debian, DSL) in the last 8 years because I like to tinker with the inner workings of my machine, I like to be in control of my own computer, rather than having Redmond decide what's best for me.
1385.Kirk Johnson. I use openSUSE 10.2, Mephis 6.5, and Xubuntu 7.04 on my older machines. I can't afford the computer that would run a Vista well, nor do I ever want to have my computer screwed by a virus or worm because I can't afford a anti-virus program. I love the freedom that Linux gives me and the Beryl Eye Candy that my 3 year old machine can run because of the low system requirements. And when I did use Windoze XP, I used OpenOffice, FireFox, and iTunes because Micro$oft Office is to bloated and Expensive ($200 BUCKS???) and IE sucks and gives me viruses and SPAM, and Windoze media player just plain sucks!
1386.Andrew Jarrett - Col., GA. Microsoft, if you would like to sue me, please send a polite email to jarrett(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com. I would be happy for you to legally challenge my use of free software and the particular Linux distributions that take advantage of that software. I wonder what it must feel like to work for a company whose central ideal is to ruin the amazing potential that free software offers. Maybe it could make one empty enough to want to sue the users of said free software. I am not worried, though. Your libelous and slanderous statements will come back around. Your extreme stupidity looks to me like a sign of desperation. You've reached your stop, Microsoft, and its time to say goodbye.
1387.George Zankevich: I use Linux, so sue me!
1388.Levi Campbell: I use GNU/Linux because I don't have to pay $300 for Windows, $2000 for Visual Studio 2005, and $500 for office!
1389.My name is Alex Alonso and I also have been using Linux for several years, so far I've run Linspire, Mepis, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Knoppix, Debian, among others. I'm not a geek, just a writer.
1390.Phil Hale: Corpus Christi, TX - toppenguingmailcom - I use Fedora for my Home Computers and Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS at work... Microsoft! You will have to pull GNU/Linux from my COLD DEAD HANDS!!!
1391.Greg Key: Adrian, MI. - - Started with Slackware, now with Ubuntu. Get over yourself Microsoft!
1392.Kevin Hatfield: Oxford, MS. - Close to 7 years converting users and businesses to the Open Source/Linux communities. Microsoft continuously soaks up money from the hard work of others and I can almost guarantee Microsoft violates many patents within Windows and definitely within Vista. Stick it M$! Sue me!
1393.Andrey Vul: Thornhill, ON, Canada - ` | tr [@.] [.@]` - I use Ubuntu and Gentoo. Wine does Photoshop well enough for me (to not require Windows on QEmu/Xen/VMWare/...). And Linux has a powerful CLI (Ctrl+Alt+F(1-6)). Above all else, no viruses, no piracy, and no unnecessary and/or sudden reboots. IMO, Vista infringes GPL because it uses code from Beryl . On my school computers running Windows, I installed Mozilla Firefox and
1394.Josh Whittaker: Arkansas,US: Slackware & Ubuntu: - Just go ahead and do it, sue sue sue.
1395.Iskren Chernev: Sofia, Bulgaria - iskren_chernev [at] yahoo [dot] com. I use Fedora Core 6 (3 and 4 previously) and I'm pretty happy that I have (almost) everything legal on my computer unlike anyone else I have met ;)
1396. Kiran - kiran31416 -at- yahoo -dot- com. Use Gentoo at home and work. 1397.David Hdz:TJ-MEXICO-davidhernandez1985 at gmaildotcom - I use Yellow Dog Linux and Ubuntu- PC Vendor Converting Windows users to linux an open source. for cheap and better computers. 1398.Matheus Stortz using Gimp on windows
1399.Greg Stewart, Westchester, NY: RHEL ES and Fedora: gs06897 at yahoo dot com.
1400.William Riley-Land, Columbia, MO: Virtualized Ubuntu under OS X., GNU tools.
1401.'''William Miles Wade, Houston, TX''': I've downloaded ISO's of 50 to 70 different Linux Distros. I own licenses to lots of Windows Products, Sue me Microsoft and you sue a customer!
1402.Joseph M. Sleiman, Ottawa, Canada - Sue me first assholes! I abandonned you once Windows 98 finally killed my inner child. Piss off. I'm a proud Debian & Ubuntu user now.
1403.Brian Gilbert, McMinnville, Oregon - Go ahead and sue me Microsoft. I use Ubuntu Feisty on my home and office boxes. I've also encouraged my students to switch to free operating systems and software. Nah nah.
1404.Ryan Chewning, Cincinnati, Ohio - I use Ubuntu / Debian and have happily done so for over a year when my computer blue screened for the last time! ryan {dot} chewning [at] gmail (dot) com
1405.Raimundo Magalhães, Natal, Brasil - I use Kurumin, Ubuntu, Big Linux, Mandriva, Dreamlinux and all that let me learn free and free teach people. Sue me Microsoft if you can, but...not before you pay royalties about knowledge of all those that had hard worked before Gates taking possetion of them. Or it will be that Gates was born with all this knowledge? Speaks IBM! Speaks SUN!
1406.Neil Grogan, Ireland - I use only Linux (Ubuntu 7.04 as of this writing) and Mac OS X, surely you smart lads can find some pantents on that???? No, didn't think so!
1407.Kalpik Nigam, India: I use Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. Either sue all these people or stop spreading FUD and STFU
1408.Victor Khaze, Rhode Island: I use exclusively open source software on my Windows XP box. Bite Me.
1409.Mehul Ved, Mumbai, India: I use linux on my PC. I never paid and will never pay a penny to MS. MS come and sue us or show the code that is violating your IP.
1410.Rob Van Dyck, Belgium: I use Ubuntu Linux. Please stop insinuating that I'm somehow doing something illegal, if so: I ask you to proove your statements or loose any right if you choose not to
1411.Hari Purnama, Jakarta, Indonesia: I use kubuntu edgy for my laptop, ubuntu dapper for my workstation, and debian sarge for my home pc. Still on progress with LinuxFromScratch. Bite me Micros*** !
1412.Nicola Giacobbe, torino, italy, EU: both myself and my wife using Linux only with openoffice
1413.Fran Garcia, Malaga, Spain, EU: Show us the patents, sue us or shut up, please
1414.Eduardo Dahlem, Canoas,RS, Brasil: I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my PC
1415.Alekos Dordas, Greece: My distro is Kubuntu 7.04. Kde is my favorite enviroment. Sue me!!!
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