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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 09 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 09 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1002.Jacob Williams - Posting from inside Akregator inside OpenSUSE 10.2. At first I moved to Linux because I was tired of the instability and insecurity of Windows. Since then I have grown to love the community, flexibility, and overall power of Linux's open design. If something goes wrong it's my fault, not just random errors in the underlying OS. It's lean, fast, and lets me truly make my desktop my own. I love living on the bleeding edge, and that means Linux! I've been using Gentoo and SUSE since 2003.
1003.Tom Berben - Posting this using Firefox on Kubuntu 7.04. I use Linux because I want an OS that doesn't have the latest DRM-frills and Trusted Computing crap in its core. So if you want to sue me because I escaped your control, please feel free to do so
1004.Kevin Clarke - bring it on - Bounce-O-Matic is onboard against MoronCentral, oops, I mean MicroSoft. ;-) Been using Slackware for 8 years now and I just can't see any reason to go back. So whip out that source code Bill and let's see your line by line comparison. :-)
1005.Arijit Sarkar, Kolkata, India - I was using Windows XP but recently I switched to Debian Etch. I am really happy with Linux. I don't want to go back to windows. Bye bye Microsoft. I am free now and flying high with Linux.
1006.Juergen Mischke, Germany. Working with Linux for years.
1007.Francesco Paolo Lovergine, Italy. I'm a Debian Developer since 7 years and use free software since 1993. Last Windows I used not occasionally was Windows 95 first edition, I think.
1008.Simon Hürlimann, Switzerland . I'm using lots of OpenSource software, mainly Kubuntu 7.04 and Debian systems. Moving family and friends from Windows to Kubuntu...
1009.Geoff Jacobsen, New Zealand. GNU/Linux user for 14 years.
1010.Claude Tamplenizza, Australia. I use Windows XP when necessary but I prefer Slackware Linux, which I have been using since 10.0 came out. I would be interested to know which patents I am infringing, so please let me know, Microsoft. Scare tactics won't work, put up or shut up!
1011. Richard Kay, UK. I almost never use Windows at home now that Linux does everything I generally need. I'm forced to use Windows at work and it keeps breaking and crashing. Windows is little use for software engineering education as we need source code visibility and modifiability, so we have to run Linux virtual machines under a much less reliable Windows platform. Dell sold my 87 year old Dad a perfectly good computer recently, but with a Vista license that would not install. It went into an infinite loop he could not get out of. He now runs Ubuntu on it, and wants his money back for the Windows Vista software that is not of merchantable quality.
1012.Chrissie Brown, Germany. I use Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo GNU/Linux, FreeBSD at home for all my stuff like Web Developing, Software Developing, ... I especially like the vim text editor. I only sometimes use Windows for example for testing a samba server and Windows generally makes me laugh each time...
1013.Rodrigo Alonso, España (Spain). GNU/Linux user for 4 years.
1014.Jan Komzak, Czech Republic. Gentoo Linux user for 2 years. I often use MSWXP, but only for projects for school.
1015.Mikkel Hansen, Denmark. I've been a Gentoo Linux user for about 3½ years. I'm using Linux mainly because i refuse to pay for an OS as crappy as MS Win. Most of the software i have on my computer is open-source. The only commercial software i own is Transgaming's Cedega. Well go ahead MS and sue me if you want, because id rather not own a computer at all than be forced to use your OS.
1016.Eric Fithian, Denver, Colorado, USA SuSE Linux user since late 2001. Also user of Linspire, Damn Small Linux, and eLive. Enthusiastic proponent of Linux, as it is far safer, much more reliable, and very much cheaper than M$ offerings! Bring it on, Bill and Steve!!
1017.Juan Manuel Cabello, Malaga, Spain. GNU/Linux user since 2000 and Mac user too since 2006. It's over Bill!
1018.Sharath C, India . Debian GNU/Linux user since 6 years. Microsoft® put up or f**k off !!
1019.Benoit Rousseau, Belgium. Using an Ubuntu 7.04 because I like the logo better ! Ho ! And I've been using Linux since 2000 ! I'm Evil !
1020.Julien Adolphe, France. Happy Mandrake/Mandriva user for 4~5 years. Powerfull, safe, reliable, cheaper/free, open source, Windows makes me laugh. Moving family and friends from Windows to GNU/Linux... F**ck DRM & Tru$ted Computing. I m not afraid, I am free now & for almost 5 years. Oh yeahhh... Spank me with a shovel Kro$oft :)
1021.Jos Poortvliet - Netherlands - show us the patents! Been using linux for over 5 years, so if you had patents, you should've sued me years ago.
1022.Carlos Olmedo Escobar, España (Spain). GNU/Linux user for 5 years. Please, sue me too!!! (if you dare, hehehe)
1023.Peter Dyunin, Russia. Mandriva Linux Free. Linux is freedom and independence.
1024.Luis Pabón, España (Spain). Linux user for 10 years. I like to be in control of my computing.
1025.Owain Clarke, Hants, UK. 18 months with Debian. I stopped using Windows because it's so frustrating and technically incompetent. Maybe if you had a decent product and were happy with 95% of the market then you could make your legal dept redundant.
1026.Adolfo Llopis, España (Spain). Linux begginer. user. I think free software works better.
1027.Albert PHELIPOT, France. Team leader Alien Linux, engineer, gnu/linux user since 2001. Near FSF, April and AFUL. "In what world would you live tomorrow?"
1028.Balazs Forgacs, Hungary. Ubuntu, Debian. I want to face the facts! Sue me please! :)
1029.Alexandre González, Spain. Ubuntu, Debian. I use GNU/Linux since 1999. Sue me!
1030.Christian Zanata, Italy. Ubuntu, Debian (but also Red Hat and Fedora). GNU/Linux user since 1999. Sue me too!
1031.Stig B. Dørmænen, Norway. Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo.
1032.Diego Cristina, Spain. Ubuntu user. Also trying to make as many people as possible switch from XP to GNU/Linux.
1033.Julio Quílez.Canary Islands, Afrika. x-evian user. Sue me please! :~j
1034.Oscar Gálvez, España (Spain). I use Ubuntu since one month ago but I was using OpenOffice and Firefox in Windows. So... sue me.
1035. Tony Wolfs, Thailand . I use PCLOS for one year and have been using Mandriva for 3 years. Please come and get me.
1036.James Moore, Greensboro NC, USA. Using Firefox on PCLinuxOS 2007 (Kudos to Tex and the gang!). I use Free Software wherever possible, and I have even tossed great non-libre software out the "windows" (such as Lightwave 3D) because I refuse to use MS products to run my world...because they really do want to run the world.
1037.Dario Curvino, Italy. Debian User. Bill, sue me first!
1038.Carsten S.P.Spanheimer, Tübingen, Germany. I'm a software developer using Linux since ten years for everything serious.
1039. Mischa Sumrall, Phoenix, Arizona, USA- I still use windows as my UI on several desktops and laptops around the house, but my network is managed by Gentoo Linux. I experiment with Apache and PHP. I keep most of my digital media on the linux box, allowing me access (through Samba) from any of the windows boxes- Sure I could do the same with a 2k or xp pro server, but I like to be able to ignore my server for long periods of time. So, M$, I am in a way your customer- though I have never bought (and will never buy) a copy of windows by itself, I do have a couple legit copies that came with various computers. And I still have a working DOS 6.22/Win3.1 installation for hysterical value. My dad gave me the original floppies, I did not buy them, does that make them bootleg? Anywho, sue me, you will get nothing, for I have nothing. Like most middle class Americans, I am in debt for everything I own. Sue others like me, who will be the most hurt? Free software will live on, because it works.
1040.Raúl Carmona, España (Spain). Debian, Ubuntu and Guadalinex user. Microsoft lies and is the least company that should talk about patents, you know why.
1041.Arto Keiski, Finland. Debian user for many years. My quality of life just has been better after swithing to Linux.
1042.Tracyanne Barlow, Australia. Mandriva Linux, started using Mandrake 8.2 in 2000 after experimenting with various Linuxes. Got rid of Windows on my computers in 2002 and haven't looked back - best thing I ever did. I regularly install and configure Linux for casual and non technical computer users, often replacing Windows, because they have become severely disenchanted with the Viruses, and other malware, and being treated like a criminal.
1043.Aleksandr Gidenko, US, Computer Programmer, Slackware user. I've been using Linux for several years now... and I have no regrets for making the switch from Windows. Not one crash since the switch, not one error that I couldn't fix. I'm a big supportor of Linux and as big a supportor of OpenGL. OpenOffice was hopefully the first step to gain more Linux support, Death to DirectX will hopefully be the next. I do my part, I don't send a single cent to Microsoft, I buy computers with no os preinstalled and I choose Playstation over XBox. Now that Dell has showed it's support for Linux, I will show my support by buying a Dell with Ubuntu preinstalled. It's time for the Microsoft monopoly to fall...
1044.Pawel Kleczek, Poland. Ubuntu and Open Source Software User
1045.matt vickers, Australia, raving mad Linux user for at least a decade.
1046.Lucas Fernando Amorim, São Paulo, Brazil, I use Linux and Open Source for about 3 years. Nobody escape from Justice.
1047.Daniel Paul Eggleston, Massachusetts, US. I've used.. .mmm.. I lost count... Debian Ubuntu Mepis Suse Fedora RedHat Slackware Gentoo Arch Yoper (hold on I have to take off my shoes) DamnSmallLinux Slax E-Live LFS Morphix Knoppix... The list goes on... does this open me up for 16 different infringement lawsuits? Does each computer running linux (or, more particularly, *not* running windows) get steve ballmer's panties even further in a bunch?
1048.Jennifer Blakley - Dallas, Texas. I have been using Linux for 5 years - gave up on Microsoft products back then. Why? Because Linux can do things Windows can't. The only way you're ever going to take Linux away from me is to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.
1049.Per Hedetun, Sweden. Started with Slackware in 1996, and currently running Arch Linux (yay, pacman!). Purpose? World domination, of course. Patents schmatents.
1050.Efrain Gutierrez, México. Kubuntu 2007 @ Work , what a sin..!!
1051.Gildas Cotomale, Paris, France. Slackware addict, Linuser since 1996.
1052.Cai Qian, China, uses Debian since 2000, and I am a proud Debian developer. My Chinese ID card number is: 510212198104140853. Don't forget it if you need to sue me.
1053.Dario Freddi, Italy. I use Linux on Servers, Home PC, and for my Home Recording Studio. Why? Because Windows can't. Don't try to steal us something that is not yours, we use free software as we are free people.
1054.Ana Pelegrina, Spain. I use openSuse.
1055.Antonio Gázquez Megías, Spain. Gentoozo (Gentoo user)
1056.Claudiu Covaci, a Romanian studying IT in Germany. Using Kubuntu 6.10 on my desktop and Kubuntu 7.04 on my notebook. Switched completely to linux since Oct. 2006 or so. Want to know already if I'm using softare which infringes Microsoft patents, and if that's true, I'll switch back to Windows. *cough* ;)
1057.Mike Schwager, Oak Park, Illinois, USA. I use Kubuntu. I watch (purchased or rented) DVD's and don't care what region it was made for. I regularly rip CD's to Ogg Vorbis format. Then I convert whatever music I'm interested in to mp4a for my iPod Nano. I do all these things because I am free. So sue me. Sue me first! Please, sue me, sue me, sue me! I've got a wife and baby to support- it'll make great press! Sue me!
1058.David Santiago, Portugal. I use arch linux in my laptop and in my desktop. Linux user from 2001.
1059.Karsten Haut, Germany. Not only I've been using various Linux and BSD distibutions for many years both in business and private, I also use ports of OpenSource projects on Windows O/Ss. I respect intellectual property and will, after receiving a detailed list of my copyright infringements, do what I can to stop using mathematical formulas that have been discovered by somebody else immediately. Have you paid Mr. Pythagoras recently for using his intellectual property? Or do you assume he published them under GPL?
1060.Rob Welsh, (UK), testing Ubuntu Studio in an education network environment hoping to rid the school of a ridiculous annual £10,000 software license bill. If you listened to the people that matter, Microsoft.... let the games commence....
1061.Rémi Letot, Belgium. I have used linux since 1.2.13, when distros came on floppies and hard drives capacities were listed in megabytes (I know, early criminal...). Today I use linux (Debian) on my computer at home and my company (Lybrafox) only uses linux both on server and desktop systems. We also extensively use other free software tools, even to automatically install MS Windows on client's computers, with a whole bunch of free software for Windows (Firefox, Thunderbird, PDFCreator, pidgin, OOo, vlc,...). To add to that already awfull list, we of course use p2p networks to download those tools (I know, it's bad). So not only do we use free software, but we also actually *spread* them, which makes us very big pirates I guess, and the worst, we really couldn't care less. please Please PLEASE *PLEASE* sue us so we can amend, get better, and stop being such criminals. Thank you MS for giving us that opportunity
1062.Stefano Zanobi, (IT) I use Openoffice 2.2, Gimp, and I have Mandriva Linux installed on my home PC.
1063.Pierre-Yves Gibello (Grenoble, France). My company (ExperLog) uses Ubuntu Linux, FireFox/Thunderbird, OpenOffice..., and deploys Apache + Tomcat + MySQL webapps for customers hosted on Debian or Ubuntu. We also contribute to the consortium, that develops and distributes open-source middleware. I am also a University teacher, and my students works are based on open source platforms.
1064.Bruno Fernando Espinoza Amaya (PE). I use Debian 4.0, and Abiword. I also tried Mandriva, Gentoo and Ubuntu... I'm tired of the security leaks of Windows... Sue me if you can!. I'm proud of using GNU/Linux. Freedom Now!
1065.John Orr, City and County of Denver. We use Redhat AS, JBoss, Eclipse, Ubuntu, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, JUnit, Ant, MySQL, Postgres, Subversion, OpenOffice, FireFox, JasperReports and many other projects in our operation.
1066.Will Racsek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. I use various distros of Linux on all of my workstations and servers. I will never go back to Windows; I love having total control over MY systems.
1067.Jeff Groetsema, Sacramento CA, USA. I've been using Open Suse for several years on my personal system. Current version is 10.1. I have used Mandrake, Red Hat, Knoppix, Puppy, DSL, and have been very happy with all. I also use OOo, Apache, and Tomcat. My computer barely ran XP and now it runs an OS more advanced than Vista and much faster. I am tired of the M$ Mafia tactics. As long as I have a choice, I will never use M$ products.
1068.Maarten Lippmann, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, Using Debian Etch/SLES 9. Been using linux since 1998. At the time for it's ipchains free powerful firewall capabilities. Now for other server functionality, from LAMP to vmware to clearcase. And of course as my workstation with a superior free movie/dvd player with dvdcss (how terribly illegal is that!) and better eye candy than vista (beryl!) Sue me, if not for infringing on patent law, then for breaking the DMCA with libdvdcss. Please. I have a wife and a dog, get me in jail and make me famous!
1069.Pascal Gauthier, Debian user, and Unix/Linux administrator at
1070.Thomas Thorun, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. GNU/Linux user since 2006, with ubuntu, Gentoo and Debian distros. I also use OpenOffice, Email softwares, KDE and GNOME. Sue me first! microsoft!! I never turn to use windows again.
1071.Fabrizzio Giuseppe Casillo Casamento, (Brazil/SP)Ubuntu 7.04, OpenSuse 10.2 and Slackware 11 user. X window manager Gnome and Enlightenment
1072.Paul Lawley-Jones, currently Seoul, South Korea,, I use Mandriva 2007.1 at home and I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my work laptop. I encourage all my friends to use open source software, especially Open Office and Firefox.
1073.Pablo Pinés, Galicia, España (Spain) Mandrake and Suse user in the past, now proudly using Ubuntu 7.04. And I will surely use Haiku too, when it's final release (1.0) becames available. Microsoft, sue me!
1074.Gökhan Bag, I recently detected Linux. At the moment, I use Linux and Windows, however, I only use open source software and all my friends use Firefox (it's hardly believable that Firefox shares 15% and IE 78%)
1075.Austin Petersen, Utah - I use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, PfSense, Endian Firewall, Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Pidgin, Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, VLC, Gimp, and many other FOSS programs. Heck, I even use Azureus to download and share them with others!
1076.Hugo Molenaar,Shenzhen,China. Ubuntu user. Tried Puppy Linux but didn't inhale. Gave up on Windo$e last year in a malware and virus fueled fit of frustration... *UCK!, I should sue you for wasting my precious time struggling with your stupid,failed operating system! (PS Can I get my money back if I can find your crappy disk and mail it back to you?)
1077.Paul Dale, UK, Got sick of winblows. Too many crashes, spyware. Use ubuntu feisty now. Not crashed, just a different computing experience altogether. Never going back to winblows. Too much hassle. Sue me too!
1078.Bryan Baraoidan, US, All distro user and BSD user. I suffered a bad case of paranoia due to MANY failed attempts to secure my windows box. A friend introduced me to *nix with a copy ubuntu hoary hedgehog. From then on I have been a proponent to open source software. As a programmer *nix has the upper hand in my book allowing me to participate in the software making process. With windows I was strapped to what I had.
1079.Riaan Jonker, South Africa - Kempton Park, being a programmer I use almost everyday. Having worked for more than 10 companies in 8 year's here is the catch. Microsoft please sue me for any and all use of Open Source software, Operating Systems, Databases and any thing else that is Open Source related. I've downloaded many of them via free and open sites that do not charge a cent. I'll even gladly give any and all information about software installed and developed for the 10 companies I've worked for and also about 1000 odd clients who now run GNU Linux on their servers and desktops, use Open Source Software and rely on the open source communities and software to perform their daily bussiness tasks. So when can I await the Sherrif of the court to show up at my door? I'll even make sure I have coffee and cake ready. Please inform me of a conveniant date that I can expect him, via e-mail "", and I'll send you my address that you can forward to him. PS:. I presume X=X+1 should be somewhere in your code and thus I have violated your patents and copied your sourcecode.
1080.Jacob Padilla, US, Debian 4.0 / Gnome user. I mostly use my computer at home for web surfing, communicating with friends and family, personal finance stuff, and entertaining myself with media files (listening to music, managing my photos, etc.). I have to say, your products really don't bring anything to the table when it comes to these markets so why should I pay for them? IE (7 and it's subsequent versions) is slow and crappy. Gmail is much better than Hotmail, or even Outlook Express / ISP POP3 combo, because it's 2.8 GB of space I don't have to back up. My finances are fairly simple as I'm in my late 20s, so I may be off base here, but at least I feel moderately secure with any finance data on my system. As far as my music goes, I'm mostly old fashioned in that I go to the store, buy it, rip it, and listen to it on my iPod. Windows Media Player is just way too bloated for me to even consider using it for this. I guess you can sue me if that's your thing, but you could at least offer me a solution to my concerns first. BTW you're much closer to getting things right with Xbox 360 (I own one of those).
1081.Dimitri Torterat, FR, Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu user. I removed Microsoft Windows 2 months ago because of lot of viruses. I download legaly and using absolutely free software. I'm a hacker.
1082.Diego Luis Moreno da Rocha, BR, Slackware 11, KDE user, I removed Microsoft Windows 4 months ago because of lot of viruses. I love the legaly and Free Software, Slakware for the sub-genius
1083.Natacha Menjibar, Ubuntu User, I removed microsoft 5 months ago because i didn't use it. I have created the "No more gratuitous support to microsoft users" Platform.
1084.Nicholas Wheeler (Spec), DC, USA - Debian/Gentoo/Ubuntu, 7 years. M$ is doom, and has no patents in which to sue us with.
1085.Tae Sandoval Murgan, Kubuntu user, KDE lover, architecture student.
1086.Yannick Méheut, french Ubuntu user. I moved to Linux because I wanted to try something new. I love GNU/Linux for the philosophy, the security, free softwares and the community. I dislike Microsoft for the monopoly, the lack of security, owner softwares and the closed circle of Windows user. Please Microsoft, stop your unjustified FUD and sue me first.
1087.Brion Swanson, New York, USA - SimplyMEPIS/Ubuntu/rPath(RedHat)/Knoppix/openSuSE - have been using Linux for about 9 years and using desktop Linux as my only desktop for 2 years. My wife uses OS X and Linux and we don't run Windows anymore (too many problems with forced updates, instability, and general customer abuse). Have fun!
1088.Lucas Sifoni,france.J'utilise Ubuntu depuis un an,j'utilise aussi debian,Mandriva,Knoppix,alors,combien de procès je vais avoir? Franchement,je préfère linux que windows,c'est plus simple,plus puissant,plus beau.Alors abandonnez,microsoft! Au fait,le brevet sur le Blue Screen Of Death(windows,quoi)je ne pense pas que linux l'ait violé!En plus,je crois que c'est IBM qui a inventé le FUD,vous n'auriez pas violé un brevet pour ca par hasard?
1089.Pophillat Arthur, france. I use linux (and other OS), and i prefer it and i asume it. pleaze hang high me.
1090.Robert Keizer, Winnipeg Canada. I use FreeBSD, Fedora Core series as well as many other linux distros as my main operating system. Mostly to get away from Microsofts prying eyes. I use it to create/host my own websites and to hack things. Have fun sueing me, I am looking forward to recieving your letter.
1091. Pierre Paysant-Le Roux, french, student in training period. I use GNU/Linux as a personal user and I say to others that free software are good for them. I also use (only) Ubuntu in my job although I had a frech MS Windows installation on my workstation : i'm one of the two guys that test the use of GNU/Linux for developers in my company.
1092. Félix Robles Elvira, Spain. I use Ubuntu Feisty. Please, i do ask you to sue me!
1093.Alex Smit, The Netherlands. Using ArchLinux. Why..? Try it!
1094.Adam Godfrey, Minehead, England. I used to use Acorns, and when it came to getting an x86 machine I looked at my friends using windows, and used Linux from the start instead. If they stop me using Linux, I'll throw my computer on the bonfire.
1095.Bertret Paul-Louis FR, debian. Who are the thieves?
1096.Dave Whittler, WI USA. Debian, Mepis, Slackware, Wolvix. Threw M$ out the door a couple of years ago and have been making Linux converts ever since. Bring it on Microsoft!
1097.Taliento Luca,Mandriva spring,GE Italy,come on little man!
1098.Tom Potts, Holsworthy UK, Several different Linuxes. And an M$ machine cos I like blue!
1099.James M. Susanka, Saint Louis Missouri, Several distributions. no windows machines - life is too short to fix their problems!
1100.JeanHuguesRobert, software developer, Corti, Corsica, France. If you dare...
1101.Cinzia Berretti, homemaker and mother, Genova, Italy. I use Mandriva Spring because to learn to use linux I understood much more things about pc than I learned in 15 years using Windows at work. I did it for my Son, he'll must be a free man
1102.Mike Wolden South ST. Paul, MN, USA Did this with Firefox, and ONLY use Open Office for word processing. It does all and more that MSOffice can, so stick that in your hard drive and process it. I only use XP operating system as I am yet too lazy to learn Linux, and for the gaming features. Only ever get viruses when running WinIE. So there.
1103.Peter Toft, Denmark, Linux user since 1994. I confess - I have a webserver, and use most features of a modern GNU/Linux system. I also make some CVS support-programs. Keep it coming. BTW; software-patents in Europe are "as such" against the law.
1104.Lantos Ádám - Budapest, Hungary. Using Gentoo GNU/Linux for desktop and server environment.
1105.Carsten Agger, Denmark - using Xubuntu 7.04, OpenSUSE and dyne:bolic. Microsoft's operating systems are liabilities, not assets.
1106.Luca Marchesi, Switzerland, I've got a CentOS GNU/Liunx server @home, a Mac-Mini and oh.. what a strange my own computer is running Mandrake/Mandriva GNU/Linux since ver. 9.1, and.. ops I'm going to do it again: I'm waiting for a notebook with Linux pre-installed.
1107.Jiminald Varney, UK Running 2 debian boxes for a small college network. Running the domain, file server, proxy, mail, web, ftp and linking other smaller networks on the college site to the internet.
1108.Adam Lawman UK, Running three PC's No.1 PCLinuxOS 2007 kicks Vistas ass, No.2 Ubuntu 7.04 also kicking Vistas ass, N0.3 Damn Small Linux (old PC) kicking Windows 95/98 and XPs ass as well. Put your money where your mouth is come to the UK an sue me.
1109.Anders Ossowicki, Denmark, Using Gentoo, as well as Ubuntu at work. Why? Because it works - that's why! Come one Microsoft... you know you want to sue me... just a little bit?
1110.Scott Ruecker US, Linux and Debian user since 2002 and Senior Editor for - I am a writer and Editor for an Open Source News site and I am an IT Manager for a private corporation. Basically, I openly dare Microsoft to sue me for using Linux. Being sued by Microsoft would be one of the true highlights of my life. :-)
1111.Sami Helen, FI, a satisfied user of Ubuntu Studio 7.04 since nearly a full week ago. I threw my WinXP away after it complained that my registration key was used too many times (after switching my motherboard to a new one). I promise to work with open source (and promoting it) as a hobby from now on, it's gotten me impressed enough. Microsoft better sue me now for using Linux before it gets too bad - nip it in the bud, so to say.
1112.Marcello Milhomem, BR, I'm a happy with linux, so im "willing to pay" for my mistake using your patterns... or maybe i will just buy windows vista , after all, if linux stuff is really copied that much, vista must be much better right? linux has so many errors and viruses, i don't know why i just quit using windows like that... it's so "good" and "professional", not to mention its freedom of course!
1113.Benjamin Goodger, UK ~ Using Debian GNU/Linux and waiting for more hilarious news from the software marketing company that thinks it's a country.
1114.John Chrisoulakis, Hobart, Tasmania, Using Ubuntu and Knoppix - Linux user since last century! Reveal your trade secret - the list of allegedly "infringing" patents and watch them evaporate right before your eyes!
1115.Tomasz Nowak, Polish from UK. ~ Using Ubuntu 7.04, and looking for more better news about Open Source application and systems, which kills Microshit monopoly
1116.James Colgan, US. Make sure to sue me a few times...I have several computers.
1117.Felipe A, Brampton, Ontario, Canada -- I use opensuse on my desktop and laptop. My desktop serves HTTP, NTP, FTP, SSH, and others. I have dabbled in Debian, Ubuntu, SmoothWall, KNOPPIX, Parted Magic, and many many others. Long live free software.
1118.Proud Fedora User and Software Dev ~ Matt Underwood
1119.Jose Lorenzo, Miami, FL. Microsoft is toast. Of course I use FLOSS. Add me to all your lists. [BTW, when someone adds no. 936, remove the bracketed portion of this comment.]
1120.Justin M. Nelson -- Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04, Gentoo, currently building a Damn Small remaster for my ham radio club. Server running Debian, smartphone running familiar, iPod running Linux, router running Linux, cable box running Linux, Mac Mini running OS X (for the wife, I swear!). In the words of a certain politician, bring it on. plattypus1 (at) gmail (dot) com
1121.Stephen V. Gazzo -- Ubuntu Feisty, FedoraCore Zod. Windows blew up, and instead of reinstalling (as had become my habit), I decided to break the cycle. And two days after installing, I managed to get Apache, PHP and MySQL to work together, something I couldn't do after a week of effort under WinXP. Also, I'm using Ubuntu on one machine and Fedora on another. That's two seperate infringements, so make sure to ask for twice what you deserve when you sue me. 2 * 0 = 0 !
1122.Ian P. Beilman--Sawtooth Designs-- I use Gimp 2.04 to edit drawings and to convert said drawings into stencils for hand-screened clothing designs. I also use Audacity to edit music i make as a hobby.
1123.Daniel Standley -- Ubuntu. Love Linux will never use windows again. standleydj(at)gmail(dot)com
1124.W.R. James Barber A+ Network + MCNA CCNA Ubuntu 7.04, Edubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice (several versions currently) Firefox, Damn Small Linux (can't recall version, system offline pending power supply) Solaris 10, messed around with several versions of Apache, my Linksys router firmware is Linux, I recently discovered the cheap DVD player in my son's room runs a stripped down Linux kernel. If you count virtual machines, then I also have : CentOS, ReactOS, Syllable, OpenBSD, an open source terminal emulator or three, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Archer, Debian, Redhat, Slackware, Xandros and Yarrow available any time I want.
1125.Peter Wilson, NY - I just made the switch to Linux a few months ago. At first I wasn't sure if I would switch or not, but now I'm completely sold! Since switching, my system has never crashed, and the programs work smoothly - no surprises. I have XP on another drive which I boot to only when I have to. It's so slow, clunky and wonky compared to Linux. I've played with Fedora, Open Suse, Simply Mepis, and knoppix. I'm now working in Feisty Fawn and think this is where I'll stay. I used to love Windows. now I think Windows bites.
1126. Frank Klevenhaus, DK Kastrup: Firefox, VLC, codecs, Gimp. Mandriva, Ubuntu and PClinuxOS..
1127.Vlastimil Labsky (CZ) - I use fedora and debian.I've never bought any proprietaly software .I use open alternatives.I like to edit source code.If there is not open alternatives , I don't like to use it.But i use many proprietary codecs .
1128.David Faulkner NZ - I use a Fedora based server and DSL Linux, as well as browse with firefox and code in python. I work at an IT distributor and am proud to say that we distribute redhat for NZ and I have helped many companys purchase it
1129.Scott Paulissen Nevada(USA) - I use firefox, Ubuntu, Gentoo and OpenOffice in order to avoid using Windows Vista at all costs. No OS is worth $300, none. So please, try to take my sub-$1000 grad student bank account. I hope your lawyers don't charge much.
1130.Peter Thomsen (Denmark) - I develop and build software packages for high-end home theatre use. I can do everything with Linux, including real-time applications, things that are impossible to make with Microsoft software. My wife and my two kits use Linux too. Today, we have 5 PC's in the house. Not a single one is running with Microsoft software, but only Linux (Ubuntu Feisty and Debian Etch).
1131.Andrea Martinotti, Savona SV, Italy, amartaino at hotmail dot com - I am using Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. From March 2005 until April 2007 I ran Fedora Core. I also installed Xubuntu 6.06 LTS on a PC at a real estate agency office in Savona few weeks ago. I use Linux because I want to have full control over my computer and I believe that this goal can be achieved only through open source software. Also, I do not want to give my money to Microsoft because I think Microsoft is a monopoly and could use its power to do bad things.
1132.Maciej Szeliga, Denmark - Dumped Windows four years ago and installed SuSE. I use Linux on laptops, desktops, servers, mediacenters and palmtops. Both at work and for fun (wich is the same in my case).
1133.Rick Montgomery --- Well I'm using SLED/SLES10, SuSe 10.2, Ubuntu 7.04, Xandros Server / Business Desktop and CentOS. I am actively involved in converting 5 companies comprising 37 servers and 700 desktops from all windows software to all Linux and they are am I, they run faster less problems and can concentrate on their work furthering their business since they do not pay for the "ABSURD SOFTWARE ADVANTAGE" and associated bloatware. They do pay for support and actually buy / donate for their distros... C YA "Monkey Boy"
1134.Thomas F. Williams --- I use SLED 10, Linux Mint, Xandros Professional and will not pay a tax of any type to a company I want nothing to do with. Thomas F. Williams
1135.Melvin Laplanche, FR. I'm using (K/X)ubuntu since one year ago and i removed Windows 'cause it's too expensive and not safe. By the way, now i don't use proprietary software except if there is not open alternatives
1136. Gilles Leger, Delson, Quebec, Cabada. I am using Mepis, a distribution like Ubuntu. I used to dual boot Windows and Linux and less and less I went to the Windows partition, so I just deleted it. I have been Windows free at home since 2005. I also run various servers for various free online games using Centos.
1137.Grant Powell, USA. I'm a PC tech at the university that I attend, and I see the nasty side of Windows every day. I'm proud to say that I've been a Linux user for about four months now, and I'm finally free of worrying about anything except hardware issues.
1138.Kevin Power --- Ontario, Canada . I have been using Linux since Yggdrasil, and use it everyday. I currently use Mandriva 's latest version and teach students to try linux by using Knoppix. I see M$ used in the education system and how it prevents students and staff from completing even the most simplest of task due to security issue and safe guards that have to be used. On another note , has anyone seen the movie 'Pirates of Silicon Valley", talk about calling the kettle black.
1139.Rodolfo D. Arce S. - Universitario de Paraguay - Tengo 2 maquina corriendo: Slackware 11 y Ubuntu 7.04.. Tambien tengo 4 Live CDs en mi caja de kit de primeros auxilios para computdoras (jaja).. Demandame a mi primero Microsoft
1140.Gabin Barboteau - 25 rue de l'ecureuil 33320 Taillan medoc FRANCE EUROPE Ces affreux se que vous faites pourriture... Je tien sapreciser que ce n'est as vous que je n'aime pas mais votre politique ces honteux... VIVE LINUX POWWWAAA HAVE FUN
1141.Barna Hajzer (Hungary) using Ubuntu on laptop and Debian on server set up with other free softwares. Completely satisfied without MS. Please sue me for freedom of choice!
1142.Our company Nematix Technology have made a practical decision by migrating to Linux and we are doing great in Linux from graphic editing, managing information to developing application. We are curently to run a campaign 'We do it Linux way !' so why dont you?
1143. Patrick Berry, USAF Ret. has been converting schools, businesses, charities, users, since 1997, so sue this disabled Veteran! I could use the money to further the advocacy of Open Source, which is what the multiple convicted pirate felon Microsoft really wants to kill! Over 300 million happy hackers, and counting! Welcome, Moscow, India, China, Indiana, Minnesota, Peru, California, and Maine's, School Systems! Viva la Open Source!
1144.Christopher T. Skelton - ©Sketec (President/CEO) - I have been exclusively a Linux user since 2002 and have not turned back. Starting with Red Hat 9 and currently running Ubuntu 7.04. Linux is growing and I look forward to the day when (thanks to Dell, here in the USA) Ubuntu is at least as widely known to exist as Windows. Being a small tech business owner I have converted many people to use Ubuntu, about 70% of them didn't even know Linux existed before. Please sue me for my use of Linux; for sharing it with my customers/family/friends/co-workers. Your an EVIL empire and I hope for your fall.
1145.Soehartono Hadibowo (Student - Bandung/ID) - archlinux, *buntu, abiword, firefox, enlightenment, openbsd, pcbsd, etc. C'mon microsoft just sue us all, i beg you please please please make our dream come true !! don't be afraid we will make sure you die in peace...
1146.Iván F. Villanueva B. (author of the project I'm using exclusively Debian Etch, which is a much better operating system than any Windows.
1147. André Drumond, Brazil. I use Ubuntu edgy and also DSL. Abiword, OpenOffice, Firefox, and dozens of opensource applications.
1148. Enrico Benedetti, Italy. I use Ubuntu feisty. OpenOffice, Firefox, Gimp, And all sort of opensource software. I think it's easier than windows for a basic user, and excellent for an administrator.
1149. Dema Kourinski, I'm writing this from Ubuntu Feisty while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
1150. Mike Peoples, Louisa, Virginia - Owner of which is hosted on Linux servers and uses open source CMS software. My business uses Kubuntu PCs as it's main operating structure. Do I get cable in prison?
1151. Bob Orrison, Montgomery, AL We've been using Linux at work since 1999 (Red Hat and CentOS) and currently use Kubuntu 7.04 at home. Why must interoperating with Microsoft products really be so hard? What an immense gift OSS developers have given the good people on the world!
1152.Stephen Brown: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS user - 6yrs now (what's that in back payments?).
1153.Nicolas Valcarcel: Gentoo, Ubuntu and debian user - 4 years now.
1154.Oskar Hansen (DK), Ubuntu user Since jan. 2006. Linux user since 2004. I use opensource software only.
1155.Rufus Kenagy, I use Sabayon Linux and Wine to play games built to run under Windows.
1156.Ingo Wagener (Germany), I have not touched anything but open source software for my business ( My last windows experience was WIN 98...
1157.Ron Bakker (Netherlands), I'm using Ubuntu because I need freedom in working, using and thinking.
1158.Tommy Duchesne (Canada, Québec), I'm using and sharing Ubuntu 7.04 since two months and even if I can choose MS Windows when I boot I always choose Ubunto because it is faster and safer then Windows XP. So, sue me.
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