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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 08 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 08 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

937.Marek Haliniak, Poland: I playing with Linux since 1996, now i have: 4 Debian Etch servers, Kubunty Feisty Fawn x 2, Knoppix x 4, Ubuntu x 2. Why Linux? Because i have what i've get... no more no less... This is freedom of choice... NO SOFTWARE PATENTS IN EU!!
938.ChandraSekhar Guntupalli: I playing with Linux since 1998. Later years came a stable linux since then LINUX became my primary DESKTOP. I tried with many distributions, currently using Fedora Core 6.0 32bit. If M$ succeeds it proves America is NOT-A-world for FREEDOM of thought. This kind of monopoly behaviour of corporations would eventually kill invention and creativity. I wish M$ never succeeds in its silly thoughts.I would suggest not to patent software coding, if they want to patent software coding, why not the idea of "software coding" itself be patented. Eventually M$ will pay for it too. I can foresee the downfall of M$ in its future versions. After looking at vista it is a broken implementation of translucency under kde. When will it reach to a quality desktop implementation like Beryl may be in another 30 years or so? Vista it self revels the poor quality of programming crashing as frequently as it can.
939.Alex Ndobe, Cameroon I've been using Linux for 8 years. I run Ubuntu Feisty and Fedora core 6.0.
940. Matt Boehm, Mission KS, USA. Happily running MEPIS 6.5, (K)Ubuntu Feisty. Bring it on.
941. Andrew Burgess, Deerfield NH. openSuSE 10.2, I guess that would mean I'm covered, but I'm thinking about running some other flavors on some other machines.
942. Christopher Glass (Geneva, Switzerland). Been using linux for a while, converted many people to FOSS. Ah, don't forget to sue my grandma too (84 yo.), she likes her custom xubuntu install so much better than Windows. And she can "pay" support in cookies and hugs...
943.Edmundo Carmona (Venezuelan, but in Colombia). Make sure to include the round-trip tickets in the file so I can make it to court, Microsoft.
944.Kevin Fishburne, Atlanta, GA, USA. Ubuntu 7.04 is rocking out with it's wok out on on my desktop and newly-acquired laptop PC. I'm also about to go into business with a local high-volume refurb retailer putting Linux on about 150 PCs a month destined for homes throughout North America, and will provide pay-as-you-play technical support. Imagine all those users who otherwise would have had to pay $200 for Vista after receiving their new PC with no OS finding a beautifully configured Ubuntu Feisty configuration awaiting their exploration. Times are changing Mr. Ballmer, and all the sweating in the world won't stop it.
945. Mike Cahill, Malvern, PA USA - I've been using Linux since 1998. I use Linux as my desktop OS, as well as to handle the variety of servers that I have, since it can be very lightweight and run fine on older hardware. Distributions I currently use: Kubuntu, Gentoo, DamnSmall, CentOS.
946. Callea Gaetano Andrea aka cga; I use GNU/Linux since 2003 and I completely agree "You are just crap with not much else but FUD, money and EEE"
947. Adrian Baker, Hertfordshire, England. I'm an addict and I need help.... please sue me Micro$oft and stop me from my dreadful behaviour. I have downloaded Linux operating systems from the 'net, WITHOUT PAYING, and have installed them on various computers. I have even wiped Windows systems from hard discs. I haven't paid for any licenses, and use nothing but downloaded software from the internet. But, I must confess, it gets worse.... I'm a Physics teacher who has been passing OpenSource software to the pupils in my charge!! Don't judge me too harshly - it started as a laugh when I installed a Linux computer for the pupils to play games on... They liked it and asked for more. At first I just gave them copies of OpenOffice, but then I helped them install and configure Firefox on the school network. Some wanted more and eventually I handed out CDs with whole Operating Systems on. It was just something light at first - Ubuntu - but it has all got out of hand and I found out recently that one of my pupils has moved onto the hard stuff - Slackware on a home built server! I didn't think it would lead to this. OpenSource is all around me, pupils fire up OOo and Firefox on their laptops, some have started to use a terminal... why oh why did I start this? Please sue me Micro$oft - I'm totally guilty of the cardinal sin of educating our nations youngsters. I fear that some of them will turn out to be serial refusers of paying the Micro$oft tax that you so kindly add to our computers for us. Goodbye cruel world.. it has all become too much.....
948.Ridge Kuhn; Detroit, MI. - Hey Microsoft, I'm your worst enemy! I'm use Linux, but I'm also a...MAC USER! I've wiped Windows right off of my PC in favor of Linux, an operating system that understands my needs, instead of an operating system that forces me to understand it's needs. I also love OpenOffice, Firefox, Apache. Did I mention I hate your dynamic web/database languages and instead use PHP/MySQL for my sites? I imagine that every open source user on the planet will end up signing this. Millions of lawsuits. That's a lot of lawyer fees. You know, maybe you wouldn't have to sue people based on outlandish statements and force people back to your OS using strongarm techniques if your OS was something that people like me would want to use in the first place. Wow. Creating a product based on customer needs instead of corporate needs? What a concept! Jerks.
949. Dan O'Brien, NY, NY - When will you learn M$? Every time you open your mouth about anything open source related the only thing that comes out is FUD. You claim that (as a whole) Linux and the other OSS projects infringe on no less than 235 of your patents, but in the same breath you say "You're too busy to put out the specific details"!!! BS! (As much as I hate this phrase) Put up or shut up! If you can't come up with any proof then I don't believe that there is any infringment. But I guess coming from you, this is just a case of "The pot calling the kettle black". Especially after you made the comment "we spend $100m a year defending ourselves against patent lawsuits" to the OSBC. The only reason you even made the claims that you did was because it's easier to put the fear into the mix and strongarm companies into paying you. There's a term for this, and it's against the law; it's called extortion. The mob did it heavily back in the 50s and now you're doing it.
950. Leon Mintz, Israel. I use sabayon-linux. M$, you're desperate... and pathetic.
951.Michael Woolsey, 1328 angelview circle. salida, colorado usa 81201 kubuntu Gnu/Linux 7.04, 2 year span, ut *yawn* im untouchable. because you have no arms.
952.James Grabham, (UK)
953. Isaac Queiroz, from Sao Carlos, Brazil. I use Kubuntu 7.1. Hei Microsoft, here in USP we have the right to have a CD-Key from Windows Vista Busness for free, but everybody prefer to use Kubuntu intead. I gues why... Maybe because it don't uses 1GB of RAM... Maybe because in FireFox we have the "tabs" since ever (what a great inovation in IE 7!! XD). Oh, and of cource, we don't need a anti-virus paid software to keep us safe! Try to sue me, let's see how much I care!
954.Chiara Marie Landsiedel, 27367 Sottrum, Germany. I love theses pengiun games. And these great education programs that came with my ubuntu. So you sue me, Bill?
955.Roman Festl (Münsing, Germany). Im using SUSE 10.0. It came - with Office-Suite and some Multimedia stuff - for € 9.90. Can you beat this, Bill?
956. G. M. Sprang, Dellroy, Ohio, USA. I've been using Redhat and Fedora Core Linux to develop a small security system. In all the C programming I have done, and all of the stupid blunders I have made, NEVER ONCE did the OS crash. In the face of wild pointers, mis-allocated memory, and messed-up threads, I may have had to go to the console, and shut the user session down, but the rest of the system never noticed. Now THAT is a solid system! Fooey to you, M$!!
957. Paolo Larcheri; Trento, ITALY. I have been using GNU/Linux since 2000. Just a question M$: do I commit a crime everyday when booting GNU/Linux or just when installing it?
958. Daniel Kinane; Wicklow, Ireland. So what if we are infringing on patents. If you would just put some effort into your software so it actually WORKS, we wouldnt have to use open source 3rd party software that is PERFECTLY LEGAL by the way! 959. Vincent-Xavier JUMEL, France, I'm using either different flavors of Linux and even some BSD. Do you think BSD would distribute their software for so many years if it was law patent inifrigent. By the way, you may also sue the french Parliement because they are going to use Ubuntu ! 960. Marcel Partap, Germany: using Gent0o LinuX since more than two years almost exclusively, finally I have control over my hardware. Working with linux is more fun, more efficient, more satisfying and has a bigger wow factor. Besides, stuff actually works (mostly *g) .. and it ~always exceeds my expectations - if not, I can fix it or kindly tell the developers about my problem. Screw badly implemented propietary software stitched together from last-century APIs, workarounds and patches. And by the way: screw intellectual property claims aimed at stopping a better product from succeeding.. 961. Adam Carrion, Albuquerque, NM, USA. Converted to (X)Ubuntu 7.04, used Debian previously. Windows is just too expensive and time-consuming to maintain as my primary desktop system. Linux just works, and on the rare occasions that something doesn't, I can fix the code myself instead of waiting for M$ (or whoever) to "fix" it. If Linux goes down, then I'll use BSD, or Haiku. Of course, if Linux goes down, everything else goes with it... Power to the Penguin!
962. Matt Crandall, Puyallup, WA. Hey Microsoft, I live about 30 miles from your HQ (and work significantly closer!). I've been using Linux as my primary OS since 1998, and my only OS since you tried to foist off Windows ME on the world. I'd LOVE to see the court summons (and remember, I'm local, I can actually make my court date too!). I currently use Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 on my laptop, Maemo Linux on my Nokia Internet Tablet, and do all of my recovery work with Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux. I'm also selling a bunch of old laptops ... you know, the ones that are too sluggish with their Windows 2000 installs, but became nice and snappy with fresh Vector Linux installs? Oh, and my mom can be on the list too, as she's much happier with her Kubuntu install (brings out the 60's Hippy in her, you know, freedom and whatnot).
963.Sander Marechal, The Netherlands. I use Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. I have [http://www.jejik.com my own company] that uses Linux, OpenOffice.org and many other Free Software products. Software patents are still illegal here in Europe, so just try and sue me!
964. Thomas Fischer - Whiting, IN USA (aka 2pixel) - Proudly Using PCLinuxOS and Windoze free at last!
965.Georges Toth, Luxembourg. I've been a GNU/Linux user for over 7 years. But if that wasn't enough already, I also introduced other people to Linux... please sue me !
966.Seth de l'Isle, szoth@ubertechnique.com, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. I use Ubuntu Linux and Red Hat Linux almost exclusively at home and at work as a server OS and on my desktop and have done so since the late 90's. You say I'm violating your patents, so sue me!
967.Jonathan Landrum, Jackson, MS, USA. openSUSE 10.2, among many, many free open source programs. And like Matt, my parents can join the list, too.
968.Dexter Landrum
969.Leah Landrum
970.Emeric Letavernier, France. I'm a Linux user since more than one year ago now... this is simply... FREEDOM. I'm still waiting to see any patents i violated... i do not even remember how M$ software look like, how could i violate them?
971.John Holbrook, Penticton BC Canada. Using Linux for almost 8 years. Dumped Windows well over 5 years ago. Even started a local LUG. Come on Microsoft! Put up or SHUT UP! If Linux is infringing on your patents then show us proof. 972.Scott Bronson, San Francisco, CA. Dear Microsoft, Linux developers tend to take intellectual property very seriously. If you'd like to solve this with very little time and effort, please just release a small document outlining the infringements you found. The community will work night and day to ensure that they are fixed. Since you already know the infringements, solving this should be very easy, shouldn't it?
973.Don Parris - Editor-in-Chief, LXer - Linux News (don@lxer.com), Charlotte, NC USA - I've used GNU/Linux exclusively since 2004. Currently using Debian, Ubuntu, PCLOS, & Vector Linux on 10 computers.
974.Dave Thacker, Omaha, Nebraska. Running a windows free household since 2002. Now running ubuntu/kubuntu. I'll be intereseted in hearing what patents I've violated.
975.Ed Schofield, London, UK. I use Linux at home and at [http://cancerresearchuk.org work] for protein design and structure prediction. I believe the software industry would be far more innovative and dynamic without Microsoft. Keep up your appalling record of anticompetitive behaviour -- sue me first!
976.John Stevenson - Ben Wheeler, Texas - Linux user since Slackware 1 (lots of floppies!), currently use Debian (testing) most of the time. I try not to use anything but open-source software and encourage others to do the same which is why I helped start a Linux users group to spread the word and rescue people from a horrible M$ fate!
977.Paulo Parada, Covilhã, Portugal. I have a dual boot desktop: I use Debian Linux and FreeBSD. I erased XP from my hard drive. Tell me truthfully what crime is this? The truth will set us free.
978.Brian Bowhan, San Diego, USA. I have been running various Linux distributions since 1998, and am completely Windows free. I will not return "to the land of Redmond, where the Shadows lie"[http://www.interesting-people.org/archives/interesting-people/200201/msg00072.html].
979.Richard & Karen Clark, Warren, MI, USA. I've been using Linux regularly since 1999 for all my PCs and laptops, most loaded with Mandriva. If Linux violates Microsoft patents, I wish they would either put up or shut up.
980.Robert Pogson, Winnipeg, Canada - Linux user since 2000 (Caldera eDesktop) when your product was crashing hourly. I use Debian GNU/Linux now and have introduced hundreds of students and teachers to Linux. Identify the patents with specificity!
981.John Wohn, Austin, TX, USA. Linux (Ubuntu) noob. But if I have anything to say about it, Microsoft will never EVER get one more penny from me.
982.Leonardo Fedalto, Curitiba, Brazil. I use Linux at home and at work. I'm a Slackware user.
983.Henrique Alves, São Paulo, SP, Brasil. Microsoft, go Ubuntu Linux too! Forget the patents, because you will never want to switch back! No need to sue me...
984.Nikhil Marathe, Mumbai, India. I use Arch Linux. I am a budding open source programmer, relying completely on open source software, and I look forward to the day of Microsoft's demise. Show Us The Code.
985.Rafael Gaspar, Curitiba, PR, Brazil. I use Linux at work and school and I want M$ to Sue me and my university.
986.William Johnson, Carneys Point,New Jersey,USA. I use PCLinuxOS 2007 on two computers at home.My browser never gets hijacked, unlike your IE crap. Sue me you CLUELESS LIBERAL.
987.Larry Stamm, McBride, BC, Canada. Using Slackware Linux on a workstation, laptop, and two servers since 1998. Show Us the Code!
988.Vagner Leandro Nazário, Rio Branco do Sul, PR, Brazil. Using Linux since 2005 when I knew it. It was love at the first login :) and every time I can, I encourage someone to know and use Linux. This is why I want M$ to sue me...
989.Nailson Martins Dantas Landim, Palmas,TO,Brazil. Using Linux since 2003, actually i use Ubuntu Linux in 15 computers at my company and 1 running Slackware as a Firewall,FTP,HTTP and Storage server. Microsoft, just sue me!!! (i love mac`s too)
990.Caleb Walker, Fresno, CA, USA. Started with FreeBSD but moved to debian about 5 years ago. Now using OpenSUSE and Ubuntu and Debian. Sue me M$.
991.Aleks Rudzitis, Seattle, WA, USA. Running Xubuntu and OpenOffice! Bring it on M$.
992.David Eldridge, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Ooooo I'm being very bad for a home user here, two servers, two laptops and a desktop, all various flavors of Linux., Personally great for programming and music, and best of all free to especially since I'm a uni student. Only one M$ computer had to be cause of brothers games and other crap, so 5 out of six machines on Linux ain't bad at all, so M$ come and get me!!!.
993.Fabiano Engler Neto, Curitiba, Brazil. I tryed it before, but replaced Windows completely just in 2004. Now, I use Gentoo Linux on my desktop and on my laptop. I am very happy with Gentoo, it has everything I need, and runs perfectly all compiled in 64 bits. I used Slackware as my previous distro for desktop, and, mainly for servers. And now I am trying Gentoo for servers too. Linux pay my bills, and I don't pay nothing, but, i try to contribute as can, and I really expect and plan to contribute a lot more in the future.
994.Bob Dagit, LBTS, FL, USA. I just want to know where to get a "Microsoft, sue me first" tee shirt. It should look at first glance like a corporate placement advert, ripping the Microsoft trademark logo.
995.Hendric Minassian Tustin CA, USA. Using Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE at home. I have been working with Linux since 1996 and have completely switched my home systems to it since 2002. I am teaching my children about Linux and Open source and what they represent (Freedom).
996.Andrew Dight, Adelaide, SA, Australia: I have used Linux for my home network (server and desktops) exclusively for 4 years. I am also teaching my kids about Linux for the same reasons as Bob Dagit (above). I currently use OpenSUSE 10.2 (both 32bit and 64bit) I am currently working towards a Novell CLP accreditation as well so am using SLED and SLES 10.
997.Kiran Patil, Bangalore, India: I am using CENTOS-5 for my home work (Server and desktops). I am also teaching administration to my collegue on AMD-Athlon-64bit. I am also using it to test storage protocols as a lab.
998.Larry Cafiero, editor/publisher, Open Source Reporter, Santa Cruz Mountains, California Republic: Using Xubuntu 6.10 on two Indigo iMacs and Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 on a Power Macintosh minitower, all Microsoft free. Show us the patents! 999.Gary Edwards, Redwood City, California USA: You know where to find me! The OpenDocument Foundation
1000.Wow, the 1000th one! Anyway, my name is Jeroen Baten and I have sofar written 7 books about Linux and Open Source. Yes, I am a proud user of the Linux OS, both personnal and commercial. Microsoft, sue me! 1001.Ajay Pal Singh Atwal, Patiala, Punjab, INDIA. Hmmm.. I knew it it was going to happen sooner or later. They told me GNU/ Linux is bad and now I face the MS Truth 2007. I will be sued and prosecuted and put before a firing squad of virri/ worms and buggy software on a Windoze Box. I am dead.
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