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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 06 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 06 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

576.Harold Vance. Houston, Texas. Ubuntu Feisty, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Google Apps, Gimp, etc., etc. I'm inviting Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold and likeminded patent/personal enrichment schemers to sue me. Hope to see you soon!
577.aL. Sacramento, CA. Ubuntu 7.04 & PCLinuxOS2007 - OpenOffice, Gimp etc.
578.Michael Keller, Christchurch, New Zealand. Debian etch (server), Ubuntu feisty (desktop). I use open source software as much as I can because it gives me the best control over what it does.
579.Sivaram Kannan,,I am linux user since 1998, Debian, Fedora. Though yet to completely dump windows due to a wireless card problem in Linux, I will soon dump it and Windows free. I truly belive this patent talk is gonna be the Microsoft's waterloo.
580.Leonardo Ribeiro Rodrigues da Rocha, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. Linux Linux Linux Linux!!!! Conectiva in my K6-III, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn in my Notebook, Also Kurumin and Debian, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gaim (Pidgim), Gimp, Sylpheed, Dillo, Links, vim, Fluxbox, WindowMaker, Enlightenment 16 and 17, Openbox, Gnome, KDE, XFCE etc. Free Software user with all my pride! Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer! You dont have the guts to sue us! you cant do anything! We all now that Free Software scares the hell out of Micro$oft! You cant do nothing to stop us! you cant stop LIBERTY! We're not afraid of your fake promises nor of your FUDs!!!! So sue me if you can!! aehauehaeuhau!
581.Jeff Mackler, I use open source whenever and where ever I can. I certainly miss spending thousands for crappy software that make Gates rich....pause....NOT!
582.Charles Lohr - University of Maryland, Baltimore County - lohr1_at_ If you say I should be paying someone a license for something, I'll pay it, but you'll have to tell me what it's for. I stopped pirating stuff a long time ago. Gentoo, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, various assorted KDE apps. I think that hits most of those 235.
583.arif Sacramento, California using Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice, Firefox, XMMS, MPlayer and many more.
584.Allan Registos, Davao City Philippines, User of Fedora for mail server, Ubuntu desktop user, Using Firefox, mail client Thunderbird and OpenOffice on top of Windows.
585.Tomas Janecek, Klatovy, Czech republic. Gentoo; Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gimp, mplayer etc.
586.Nick Meijer, Alberta, Canada. Don't use open-source. Have no patented software to cross-licence. Have no assets worth seizing. Never checked if anything I use violated patents--so I don't use open-source and I don't have that problem. Can't play in the enterprise software sandbox, so I am unlikely to be sued--same as the 564 people before me
587.Jessica Winstead, Nevada, USA. jessica_winsteadATyahooDOTcom . Using Slackware, Debian, Freespire, Solaris, Ubuntu on my home computers, as well as Firefox, GIMP, mplayer, pidgin (formerly gaim),, fluxbox, and wine (so that I can play my Windows games without the Windows). I also wiped Windows XP from a customer's computer and installed Ubuntu 6.06 on it to fix their (many) problems, and he was very happy with it. I made $100 USD off the whole service. Because of my great experiences with linux, I'll never buy Microsoft software again!
588.Mark C. Mason, Portland, Oregon USA. BSD, TCP/IP, GCC, Minux, X-Windows, World Wide Web, Linux, Firefox, Thunderbird. All the stuff you ripped for your supposedly proprietary product line.
589.Henrique de Castro Silva Junior, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. henriquejuniorufrrj[at] . Using Fedora as my personel desktop and Slackware as my work server. Firefox, Openoffice, Inkscape, GIMP, Amarok, all for free (and open) and all the best!
590.[ Jesse Zilstorff], Copenhagen, Denmark - I've been using Ubuntu as my main OS for some months now and I have absolutely no regreats about leaving the unstable, proprietary piece of shit that the M$ shitheads dummies have the nerve to call an OS. I'm currently using [ Ubuntu] 7.04 along with these FOSS applications/programs: [], [ Rhythmbox], [ Deluge], [ Pidgin], [ Firefox], [ Inkscape], [ Totem], [ Beryl], [ Audacity] and many more! Please sue me, then everyone else on these pages, you worthless bunch of douchebags, that can't do anything exept take the original ideas of others, make your own screwed up implementaions, and then patent them and claim it was your ideas from the beginning. 591.I'm [ Tristan] from China, and i'm using Ubuntu7.04 as my primary desktop environment. My email address is LinuxRen at
592.i'm monish from the bay area in california,united states. i am using ubuntu 7.0.4 on PC.i also use mozilla firefox ,git and all kinds of please sue me first.
593. Satyanarayana Kakollu, Santa Fe, USA. Using Redhat Linux and Kernel source since 1998
594.Peter Ellis, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. I use a nice old box with an 850MHz processor running SuSE 10.2 KDE, that also sings along with Kubuntu 7.04 live CD when asked. I offer copies of Ubuntu / Kubuntu 7.04 to friends. I'm really bad!
595.Roy Britten, New Zealand, roy.britten[at] Using various flavours of Ubuntu with Firefox, Thunderbird,, vim, totem, mplayer, and the list goes on. When I need Windows at work there's vmware.
596.Phang, Malaysia. I used pirated software my whole life... What can you do, Microsoft? Now I'm using Redhat Linux... Sue me if you want... Shame on you, big bully...
597.Twomol, China. I use Fedora for both at work and home, I build site use php, mysql and apache, I develop software with gtk and gcc etc ...
598.Stan Wong, Yew Tuck, Malaysia, I started using Linux 9 years ago and happily freed myself from bloat OS/ the OS bloat. I have now moved up to be a Linux Administrator, using Centos 4-5, Fedora Core 3-6 and Ubuntu 6.06. I have also successfully converted a NT4 doman to a Samba 3 domain. All Linux servers, File servers, print servers, firewalls/routers and web servers are all free! The most irritating issue has got to be having to restart the Windows server every month for security patches. I will surely be termed "Lazy Employee" if the systems using Linux runs perfectly and my hands are free... Please sue me~
599.Clifton Hyatt, Missouri USA. Missouri's state motto is "The Show Me State", and thats what Microsoft should do, "Show Me!". I have used GNU/Linux for years (currently Kubuntu 7.04, I used to administer Windows networks and now all I do is switch individuals and organizations. I refuse to support Windows now, it's like banging your head against a brick wall. Microsoft should start suing everyone, it will shorten their death throws, 'cause GNU/Linux is going to clear their clock. This stuff is so diverse and open and stable and flexible, Ms is hopelessly outmatched, and it shows. Come and get me, cause I am switching folks right and left.
600.Juan Garcia, California, United States. I'm using SUSE Linux 10.1, GIMP, OPENOFFICE, UNBUTU, DSL, THUNDERBIRD, etc., as a technician and resolving others people problems with their systems, I use "a lot" of open source tools, as well as a couple from microsoft, it's funny but I use KNOPPIX to fix computers with windows installed, for security reasons I have installed over a hundred of FIREFOX browsers removing completely IEXPLORER on the last year only, countless versions of OPENOFFICE and other several others programs always focus on security, stability, price, where open source are leading the evolution on technology even forcing the big corporation to make changes to try to keep their user base, thanks to all on the OPEN-SOURCE community. I'm with You, shoulder to shoulder.
601.Dennis Schafroth, Copenhagen, Denmark. Have been using linux since slackware pre-1.0 and is now using Ubuntu for Desktop (along with OS X), and fedora Core on servers. Been ever so happy since I have dropped my last Windows partition, even at work. RIP, Windows... and please sue me first!
602.L.O.Quioco, Cebu, Republic of the Philippines. I was introduced to Linux in 2002 by a colleague who used Trustix as our proxy server. Since then I've used Mandrake for desktop and Fedora as workstation, Censornet as firewall, OpenOffice, Gimp, Gaim, Jabber for my office instant messaging, OpenVPN for my boss, mySQL, PostgreSQL, LTSP, etc. Our gov't has developed a custom Filipino distro calle Bayanihan Linux and can be found at
603.web4you gmbh rombach switzerland. Auch wir wollen verklagt werden. Bitte M$. Wir haben Linux als Server und auf 2 Arbeitsstationen sowie auf einem DELL Latitude D820 im Einsatz. Juerg Schwarz 604.Tim Vonderwall, Adelaide Australia. I use Ubuntu, Gimp, NVU, OppenOffice etc etc etc. Slowly implementing Linux into a corporate environment. Dual boot, but my Windows OS is growing cobwebs!!
605.Mark Pipkin AKA Mouseclone, Atlanta, GA, USA. I use Ubuntu 7.04, Cedega and trying out Crossover6 for gaming. I also use blender to play around. I have enjoyed using Ubuntu for a little less than a year now. I love the fact that packages check themselves for conflicts before being installed. I have had several problems with MS because of their auto updates. I have started running an Open Source Software blog at [] and hope to contribute more time to the community. I have even installed Scalix Email server at work and have enjoyed it since running the installer. Long live OpenSource! Down with paying $200+ for a beta OS that has been that was since Windows95., Johannesburg, South Africa. Please sue us if you dare! We run our organisation entirely on Linux and OpenSource software. In fact the sole purpose of CompUnite South Africa is to help Microsoft victims to cross over to OpenSource software. I'll be forwarding this link to all our happy, satisfied and productive customers as they too would be interested in being sued. Furthermore your idol threats may be damaging to our cause and we are considering taking singlular or combined legal action to counter this mafia behaviour. All intersested in combined legal action mail me on I'm quite serious, do it now!
607.Giorgio Beltrammi from Riccione, Italy. Linux lover since november 2005. My two laptop with Ubuntu 6.06/DreamLinux 2.0 and Puppy Linux 2.15 CE non Windows inside. My preferred tools are BlueFish, Opera browser, Totem, Rhythmbox, XMMS, The GIMP, SongBird. My websites are [ TuxMillennium], [ Ubuntu-Inside], [ Linux Wiki]. Dear Micro$oft, Linux IS the Operating System of the future with or without you!
608.Cody Lee, Texas USA. I mainly use Ubuntu 6.10, and Arch 0.8. I continually test out and play with several other distros using all the facilities availiable to me for free PUT UP OR SHUT UP! .!. o_0 .!.
609.Dario Zanzico from Roma, Italy. I use linux everywhere, and I hope to see free software everywhere. Microsoft can't go on with all this FUD, we must do whatever we can for having it to do only is (in my opinion, bad) work. I don't trust them and as long as I can't see the code i can't trust them.
610.Kirislav Zakov. Bulgaria. I use Linux, NetBSD, OpenSolaris in my desktop at home. I use so many "bad" open source applications. GNOME, Galeon, Thunderbird ... so many. There is a sentence in my country, "the dog is barking but the caravan is going". Linux is the caravan now. So, you can not change anything.... dear M$.
611. Michael Szyndel. Poland. I've used plenty of distros in the past. At the moment I have installed Ubuntu 7 on my server, open Solaris on laptop and also OpenOffice under WINDOWS (oh my God!). I can't wait to meet you in a court!
612. Jan Niemiec. Wroclaw, Poland. Ubuntu 7.04. Look better, tastes better, uses less resources (money, time, laptop battery). Why bother with other?
613.Alan Lord, United Kingdom. GO ON M$oft! I haven't got any money but it would be fun watching you try to get some of mine! I have been using Linux for years: I roll my own distros based on Linux From Scratch and use Ubuntu 7.04 on the desktop. [ The Open Sourcerer]
614.Gavin Brady Lynch, Naperville, IL, USA. I use FreeBSD and Ubuntu for open-source development and desktop applications.
615.Cosmin Neagu, Romania, I use Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora and LFS and will do so long after Microsoft is dead. If you need some protection money just say so ... I'll save us allot of bullshit!
616.Edgar Costanzo from Catania (Italy)
I have Linux in my heart and my PCs since 2000. I've been using Suse Linux 10.2 in the last 5 months. Before that, Kubuntu and Mandrake/Mandriva were my "preferred" distros. Actually I like to change every now and then, so I'll probably switch to some other distro before the end of the year (could I do something like this with Micro$oft product$?).
What I do with Linux? EVERYTHING!!! Developing (NetBeans, KDevelop, PHP), gaming, emailing, writing documents (openOffice), chatting (Kopete), surfing internet, 3D designing (Blender), Image editing (Gimp), listening music (Amarok ...WOW!!!), p2p file sharing (Ktorrent ... :) ), burning CDs and DVDs, etc etc etc etc etc etc ...
Let us live, Bill! Let us choose what is better for ourselves!... Or sue all of us!
617. Alex Brick, Melbourne, Australia. Ubuntu, Debian adjusted by computerbank victoria on office network. I got sick and tired of the lovely message, "your copy of windows / office is not legal, please give us even more money so we can afford to send you this message in another 6 months" so am quite happy to say fuck you microsoft again.
618.Antonio Lorusso, Altamura, Italy. I'm a linux user and I'm spreading the word around my world.. Hit Me Microsoft before it's too late :D
619.David Legg, Middlesex, United Kingdom. I use UK Linux to host my web site and use Fedora Core 5. []
620.Bernardo Kuri, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Ubuntu Feisty x64. Loving every minute of it.
621.Alan Bell, Surrey, UK. I use Ubuntu Edgy on two laptops (and I didn't pay for it twice) and Fedora on a server, Debian on another server, and loads and loads of virtual machines (didn't pay for them either) I also run Linux on my Fonera FON router and I run an ISP that positively encourages users to have Linux based Fonera routers.[]
622.Juha K. Siltala, Helsinki, Finland. Not only do I use several GNU/Linux systems, I even use the Internet which uses Free Software extensively.
623.Rossano Gobbi, Tegna, Switzerland. I Use Ubuntu Feisty on both my laptop and my home pc. I started to use linux because I felt cooler than my friends. I still use it today because I feel cooler than any windows user in the world. I love living on the edge and violating every (supposed) M$ copyright thanks to my linux boxes.
624.S.K.Saghir, Cork, Ireland. I am a postgrad student, my research can't move ahead without Linux. I am using Red Hat!
625.Knut Petter Meen, Oslo, Norway. Using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my laptop. I'm a Java developer and dedicated user of Open Source
626.Marco BOnfatti, Formigine (MO), Italy. Linux user, Linux IT manager and OpenSource developer.
627. Wang Yibin, Beijing, china. I us Linux on my laptops/destops for the past three years. Windows is a 'no no' to me.
628.Kamil "shela" Szelezin, Szczecin, Poland. Why I use Open Source software? Simple. It's free often more reliable than commercial, I can easy make some changes, I can rely on people who develops it and I know they at least try to solve my problem if it exist. Now i'm going to move to Linux (or Linux + FreeBSD + maybe Solaris). Why? Because Windows is annoying, slow, annoying and I don't need it at all. Did I mentioned Windows is annoying? So Sue Me First Microsoft! Save me this bullshit about your "The greatest OS Ever". Linux looks nice, uses less resources, works stable and i don't have tons of useless windows poping up with some warnings/errors. So: "Do widzenia, kup se trbke do pierdzenia" (hire someone from polish microsoft to translate it mr. Brad Smith)
629.Oscar Pingarron, España. I'm Debian and Xubuntu user. I was a fanatic user for many years of Suse, but, I don't need any protection against Microsoft, and I don't need any compatibility with Windows OS; If I may need it, I only have to buy a Windows license. I'm not yet user of Suse. Thanks Novell, you have aid me to discover Debian.
630.Micha Lech, Warsaw, Poland :: Fedora, Slack, Gnome, Enlightenment, GIMP, xmms, Firefox and lotsa more.
631.Ryan McLean, UK: I use kbuntu and have ubuntu running on virtual machines.. ahwell what can you do? NOTHING!
632.Jose Nuno Neto, Lisboa,Portugal :: RedHat Fedora, KDE, Kontact,Firefox,OpenOffice,GIMP .
633.João Batista Aguiar da Silva, Portugal(From Brazil). I detached from Micro$oft with the Win98. I even try OS/2!!! I've used RedHat, SuSe and now i use Ubuntu in my Desktop. My wife use SuSe, The boys use SuSe & Win2K. As a profissional of IT since 1982, I have some experience in maiframes and PCs and i like it. And a lot of people come to me with the usual cycles of install/reinstall win(wathever flavour), viruses and worms and hates. And i install linux for them. And everything goes well. So i deserve to be punished. I use and spread Linux and the opensource programs in my family, comunity and if you don't stop me, around the world. In our history a lot of people where punished, even dead, for believe in freedom. So, I am in good company. And I couldn't ask for beter than this. Linux, OPenOffice, Gimp, Thunder & Firefox, oh so many. YOU name it!!!
634.Johan Pretorius, Johannesburg, South Africa :: I use Linux for most of my computing needs. Specifics:- SuSE 10.x, FireFox, OpenOffice, Apache, mySQL, PHP to name but a few. To make things worse, I use FireFox and OpenOffice on Linux, Sun Solaris AND Windows! Please, Microsoft, sue me! Be grateful that we don't sue *you* for loss of income due to Internet Explorer and Windows security issues.
635. Stephan Rath, 17 years old, from Austria. Using Firefox, GIMP, OOo on a SuSE linux with kde (and windoze cause the accounting software we use at school will not work with wine :(, derive 6 does :D), gaming only on windoze, all other things on my suse. So sue me, micro$oft, i am using your products! ;D
636.Sunny Yiu, Australia. sunnzy at g mail .com. Started with Windows XP when I was 15. Slowly moved to dual boot with Fedora, then single booting Ubuntu with XP inside a VM. As of Vista I have even got rid of Windows in virtual environments, now proud to say 100% Microsoft Free!!! Now I use Gentoo on the Desktop, Mac/Kubuntu on the laptop, Red Hat on my web site's server, and Kubuntu again at computer labs at school - that's a lot of shit for you to sue, good luck!
637.Mexx Chan, from Hong Kong. Using Fedora linux for years -- Apache with PHP and MySQL, Samba for file sharing, and Openoffice on Linux. If any one of you guys in microsoft can prove that we have used anything which are owned by you illegally, please take legal actions.
638. Oliver Schmidt - Olinet Informatik in Switzerland. No Microsoft products are in use. All Servers and PC's based on Gentoo Linux. We use OpenOffice, Firefox and XFCE4 for the Desktop. Where VERY happy with our setup :-)
639.Amos Shapira, amos.shapira at Using Debian for over ten years. Both as servers running ISP's and other software and as a desktop at home and at work. I make a living from maintaining servers using well known FOSS software such as Apache, MySQL, PostgresQL, Perl and hundreds of other FOSS packages as well contributing bits and pieces of code to various FOSS projects.
640.Hadrian Wgrzynowski, Pozna, Poland, queight at g mail dot com :: Linux 2.6.21-gentoo, X.Org 7.2, Xfce 4.4.1, Firefox, OpenOffice 2.2.0, Eclipse 3.2.1, MPlayer 1.0.20070427, GIMP 2.3.16, Inkscape 0.45.1, Blender 2.44, sudo 1.6.8_p12-r1 and that's only the begining! Sue us all! Show us the code! I use my Gentoo, because it's mine. I want to use only innovative software. I want to have control over my computer, not give it to someone that don't know my needs.
641. Joachim Landsiedel, Germany. I use Ubuntu, Firefox,, pandora, joomla, thunderbird, mySQL, GNOME, gizmo, gimp, evolution, python, blender, sword, evince, xsane, k3b, NVu, wine, jAlbum, TVBrowser, audacity, serpentine, streamtuner, Rhythmbox, XMMS, Rosegarden, Flock, opera, AbiWord, PDF Editor, cups-pdf, warsow, ActionCube, Nexuiz, Tremulous, Sound Juicer. Please, Bill, I would like to be SUED FIRST
642.Jonás Andradas Arias, Madrid, Spain. I use Debian every day, both at home, in my laptop and at work. Maybe I should be sued... oh, I double-click really, really often...
I'm inviting Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold and likeminded patent/personal enrichment schemers to sue me. Hope to see you soon!
643. Terry (Terence John) Coles, UK. I too use Ubuntu, Firefox, So sue me. In fact, if I need an application, and there is an open source app that will do what I want I'll use it. Not because it comes without cost, but because it is free. When you understand the difference, you'll realise that you can't beat us, so why not join us?
644. Petra Blom, Nederland. Ubuntu,, Thunderbird, Firefox. Sue me.
645. Issamo Kisaka, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux, Sue me Microshit.
646.Connor Oliver, Nova Scotia Canada. Firefox, Thunderbird, Audacity And to many to name. I Use alot of Open Source programs, None of witch run on a MS System.
647.Gergely Csonka, Hungary. Using Ubuntu since 5.04. Not because it's free, but because it's superior. Actually, it's quite easy for me to convert other people to Linux, every time someone complains about his computer, I just show him my laptop with Linux, and his first question is "Where can I get it?". Then I suggest (even help, if needed) to set up dual boot for a smoother change, but soon he realizes that he doesn't really boot into windows any more, and start thinking of the windows partition as a waste of disk space... Come on, sue me Microsoft, I'm so evil that I'm using Linux, Firefox and Amarok even right now as I'm writing this!
648. Mark Lennox, Dublin, Ireland - Ubuntu 6.10, 7.04, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird etc. While I am a .NET developer all my Microsoft installations are virtual machines - my laptop never crashes or gets infected now as it runs Debian. My Linux server is safe and secure (but still accessible) behind a router running Linux. If FOSS has stolen so much from you then why doesn't it crash and exhibit bit-rot like Microsoft's OSes? hmm? Put up or shut up - show the world what these patents are and watch the FOSS world reroute around them leaving you with your pants down AGAIN!
649. Alfredo Moretta, Bologna-Italy.Using Linux distro's and their awesome applications for over 7 years...i dont know what is "The Blue Screen" Micro$oft please tell us.
650. John Derrick, Australia. BackTrack2 pen testa, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, DSL Linux. Sue me and you'll have to reimburse me for your idiocy. Kinda makes me sick that the MS parasite bleeds lamers of money like they do. How many vulnerabilities is it now Microtheft? Oh you say you've changed your evil ways with MS Vista (that's Windows XP SP 42) lmfao!! Patch them holes baby!! rofl!! Yeah Baby Yeah!! And Joost is coming to Linux brethren!! Woot Woot!! Way to go small lil flightless bird!!! Woot Woot!!! Gotta get me that latest Windblowz Vista so some script kiddy can can jam it with spam bots and rootkits er just another plain vanilla Microshit Hack-In-A-Box!!
651. Jacson Querubin, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. just sue me. rofl! 652. Leonardo Damasceno, Uberlandia-Brazil. I'm free: Ubuntu+OpenOffice+Inkscape+Gimp+Evolution+Firefox for years...Bad Vista? Micro$oft? argh! Sue me!!!
653.Ivan Kuiava, Cascavel/Pr/Brasil. I am a bad guy. I use diverse distributions (ubuntu, debian, suse e fedora) and several free softwares (quanta, gimp, firefox, thunderbird....). Please, arrest me, punish me. :)
654. Ronaldo Silva, São Paulo-Brazil. Free for all: Mandriva + Ubuntu = Endless Happy! Micro$soft, bahhh!
655. Wesley da Silva, Goiânia-Brazil. Slackware forever!!!
656. Marcantoni Francesco, Using GNU/Linux for 6 years.
657.Andrea Condoluci, Feltre/Italy. Ubuntu feisty+Epiphany+Evolution+OO.o+Inkscape+Gimp+Pidgin+etc... Don't just stand there... Sue me! We don't need you! :D
658.Maurizio Lombardi, ITA Omegna (VB). I use Debian and Zenwalk.
659.Bernardo Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Linux user since 2000, with debian etch at home. As once said by ramones: the punishment fits the crime. Guilty as charge.
660.Francesc Vila, Lloret de Mar, Catalonia. I mainly use gentoo linux and arch linux
661.Arne Janbu, Germany. Gentoo Linux, Openoffice, Mozilla Firefox+Thunderbird, Xorg and a lot more :) Feel free to do something against me :)
662.Rafael de Andrade Sousa, Curitiba, Brasil. Debian Lenny at home and Debian Etch at my work. I use it for everything. I'm free. I've broken the chains first, and I'll tell everyone I know that there's a way out... a better! Linux forever!
663. John Kemp. Recently converted to Linux after having to use it for something and realising what a breath of fresh air it was. Ubuntu Feisty is my distro of choice along with all the usual software, plus when I do use Windoze I have switched away from a lot of paid software and now use OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and GIMP for example. Just for fun I also have several games that have been released to the public domain. They're classics and they're now free and (in a way) open source, so why not? :-) My computers see a lot of general use (browsing, email, games, etc) as well as work related things (software development, etc). Most of the people I know are also either using Linux or thinking of using Linux. Bring it on Microsoft. You can't stop the signal. 664. Mazza Gianluca, Brescia/Italy GNU/Linux user (4 years). I don't want to go back.
665. Brian Auger, Howard County, Maryland, USA. I use Kubuntu 7.04. All 270 of our public access PCs use Groovix, an adaptation of Ubuntu. This fall, all our staff PCs will be running Ubuntu. Pretty much all our servers run Red Hat; by this time next year, it'll be 100%. Take a look:
666. Good Heavens! It's number 666! The NUMBER OF THE BEAST! Sue yourself, Microsoft!
667. Marijan Kelava [], Purkersdorf, Austria. Ubuntu and SuSe Linux User. Fu you M$
668. Luca Noale, Firenze/Italy. I use Ubuntu Feysty both at home and in my laptop I'm an Java developer
669. Yevgen Yashchenko, Ukraine. Ubuntu Fiesty rocks! M$ go to hell or suit us if you are not afraid!
670. Jon Swift, Westlake Village California, USA. WEB developer, using open source for 5 years.
671.José Ramalho Júnior, São Bernardo do Campo, Brasil. [] Escreverei em Português do Brasil porque devemos valorizar a liberdade e a autonomia dos povos. Microsoft, não tenho nada contra vocês, porque vocês não têm NADA! Afinal quem tem um RWindows fica só com os vírus!!! O FUD não vai funcionar, cada vez mais pessoas são informadas e o conhecimento as liberta do julgo da escravidão. Sou usuário Linux, sim Senhor! Nem mesmo seu governo usa seu sistema falido. Querem provar que estamos quebrando patentes, ABRAM SEU CÓDIGO(Talk is cheap! Show me the code!) e mostraremos que vocês deliberadamente utilizam-se de nosso código para implementações melhores de seus softwares sem futuro! Usuários de RWindows, a mensagem que lhes deixo é: EXPERIMENTA! Experimenta Linux e você nunca mais voltará a passar vergonha! VIVA A LIBERDADE! VIDA LONGA AO LINUX! OBRIGADO LINUS TORVALDS! OBRIGADO COMUNIDADE LIVRE! VIVA O BRASIL!
672. Guilherme Machado, Curitiba/Paraná/Brazil. Ubuntu, Dawn Small Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Inkscape and much more. Open you mind!!!
673. Luiz Spies, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, system administratror using ubuntu 7.04 on my home for desktop and on my job for desktop, i using openoffice, evolution, xmms, banshee, amsn, firefox, and on my servers debian linux 3.1 rc4 and ubuntu server 6.06 LTS with apache, qmail, postgres, bind9, courrier imap, squirell webmail, spamassassin, maildrop, simscam, clamav, qmailadmin, vpopmail, php4 and php5, so if you want to sue me, sue me, better use a free software that work's, i don't want to use you expensive system with all bug's spywares, virus, crash's and blue screen. Prove it first and talk later, you steal from apple and unix, all the world know that, we are free, we can choose.
674. Everton Godoi, Londrina - Paraná - Brazil. Debian, utilizo Linux em casa(home - Debian), escritorio(office - Ubuntu), sou também administrador de servidores(servers) de email(postfix,courier,spamassassin,amavis), banco de dados(mysql), mensagens(jabber), Firewall(iptables), IDS(snort), Proxy(squid), Web(apache), Programação(php), autenticação(openldap), etc. E em meu Desktop sou 100% software livre, I live open source. My email:
675.Eugenio Carlos Gallicchio Hansen, Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil, Kubantu.
676. Dana Morehouse, Ontario Canada. Mandriva 2007, Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, PC-BSD, Smoothwall, Open Office, GAIM, the list goes on and on. GNU/Linux user for 6 years, 5 desktops and a laptop. 100% Microshaft free!
677.Martín Lamas Díaz (, Spain - I'm using Slackware GNU/Linux 11.0 on my desktop PC and Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04 on my secondary PC. Also, I'm using OpenOffice, Firefox, VLC... on my Windows.
678.Giovanni "nanomad" Condello, Italy - Currently official Ubuntu GNU/Linux translator. I use every kind of FOSS that suits my needs (yeah, linux too ;) )
679.Jen Smith from Columbus, Ohio. Running PCLinuxOS 2007 final on my desktops, Ubuntu Server on a couple servers. Come get me. Bring your RIAA/MPAA buddies too. Viva la revolucion!
680.Emerson Esteves (Brasília, Brazil) I am using Debian GNU/Linux at home and work, with Openoffice, Iceweasel, Wine and more... no crash, no reboot, no Window$... so no M$ patent$ !! :)
681.Rajbir Bhattacharjee (India). I've used Redhat Linux, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Suse for years in addition to SCO unix, AIX, Solaris. Microsoft is modern day SCO it seems. Open office serves me great... And so do gimp, pidgin.... I've watched a lot of movies using Xine. I really loved Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Kill Bill 3. I've also read a pdf using gpdf and also on wikipedia using firefox and mozilla that the first M$ operating system, MS-Dos was based on Seattle Computer's QDOS (Quick and Dirty operating systems). Microsoft's pedagogy, family tree, and history are all so dirty. Its so dirty that sometimes I feel like opening the microsoft logo in gimp and cleaning up the dirt by using the erase tool. I've also read on the internet a joke about how microsoft was named. We have all heard about it, so I'll skip mentioning it here (Oh no Bill, I don't want you sueing me on personal grounds. Sue me if you want for using OSS, but please please please don't sue me for slandering your personal life.. please please... HEE HEE HEE HEE....You seriously didn't think I'm serious, did you? Poor you. ) 682.Benedykt "Silmethule" Jaworski, Poland. Using: Linux, OO.o, Mozilla Firefox, Krusader, Kadu, nano, GIMP, GwenView, Krita, Audacity, Audacious, Thunderbird, g++, Screem, KDE... and many, many more FOS Software... Where I have to use Windows(TM? :P) - if I can - I use FOSS on it too... And I want to know what are the patents my software breaks...
683.Giorgio Consorti, Rome, Italy. Using GNU/Linux in a lots of distros since almost 12 years. Now definitively running Kubuntu. Why I use it? 'Cuz IT WORKS!
684.Joao Emanuel (Brasilia, Brasil) I use Debian and Gentoo, Firefox, Gnome and others softwares. Bye Microsoft :-P
685.John Breo (USA) I use Microsoft Windows Vista and I love it! I also use Firefox, Opera and Winamp.
686. do all the alarms in your house go off at around 12 o'clock??
687.Giovanni "nanomad" Condello, Italy - Currently official Ubuntu GNU/Linux translator. I use every kind of FOSS that suits my needs (yeah, linux too ;) )
688.Ryan Hoffman, Portland, Oregon, USA. I use Debian Linux on my home PC and a modified version of Debian on my Nokia N800. I love Debian for many reasons but some of the most important ones are Debian's social contract and APT. If Micro$oft wants a piece, they can try and take it.
689.Tomás A. Rossi, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Kubuntu Feisty (7.04) (Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird ...). Microsoft: you were the first company that became successful because of stealing from others. Now this is another sample of your dirty ways, you know nothing about fairplay don't you? Make good products or just SUE MY ASS!
690.Micha Rudowicz, Olenica, Poland - Ubuntu 7.04 - Beryl, AIGLX, Opera, Lame, OpenOffice, Wine and all stuff like that. If you want to, i can invite you to a cup of tea, microsoft ;)
691.Allen Sanford (USA) I am a user of Ubuntu, Fedora, Dreamlinux, and Gentoo, (also M$ Windows but don't tell anyone). I have also helped develop a few open source projects, my role mostly has been testing and debugging, I use what ever Technology is best and available. I am waiting for the day when M$ quits bulling hardware companies and making them sign contracts preventing them from developing open source drivers for their hardware. Anyway Sue Me I use OSS!
692.Aaron M. Feldman, Esq. (United States) I have used Debian and Fedora, Firefox, OpenOffice, Gnome, KDE and other Free Software. I was chased away from Microsoft when my job was made impossible by twice weekly security updates, unstable registry problems with no solutions, and Windows Update mandatory upgrades that broke the ability of the server to receive updates. Plus-- they murdered GeoWorks Ensemble by penalizing those who wrote for the environment. Plus, the Gates Foundation gives money to University projects that have "professors" who then go out and write FUD. AND, the Gates Foundation is not supporting the One Laptop per Child project. Sounds like the Gates Foundation is not really not for profit to me. Oh yeah, Alberto Gonzales, we should call him to prosecute this. Mr. Gates, Please sue me for using Free Software, it would give me no end of pleasure to respond.
693.Thiago Diogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - I use Ubuntu in all of my things: work, learn, development and for fun. :D . Its the freedom. DIE MICROSOFT! SCARED? DAMIT. No more.
694.Gualtiero (Ulir), Sassari, Italia. -I'm an UBUNTU 7.04 user. I've also been using PcLinuxOS and Suse 9.2 Linux Pro in the past years. I also appreciate so much liveCDs, always useful. Dear Microsoft, I must admit that I am "also" a Windows Vista Home Premium user. You have always taken whatever you wanted to take from us; but we all know that if we want innovation things must go this way: ideas come one from another. You don't need too much to show us what you're able to do: just grab some of Linux's intellectual philosophy. You will grow up and Windows users will love you, in the same way they love Linux. Nowadays you are too far from this goal. Best Wishes and...If you are in a trouble LEARN FROM LINUX! Don't worry: HE won't regret. Bye!
695.Carlos Juan Martín Pérez. El Salvador (Central América). - Debian user. Proudly guilty of pushing every day a governamental and educative subversive transformation to Free and Libre Software
696. Marco Renoldi - Saronno Italy. Debian and Ubuntu user
697. Wiesaw Puszczyski - Warsaw Poland. Ubuntu 7.04 user
698. Narayan Bujnowicz - Lodz, Poland, Kubuntu 7.04, Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Amarok, K3b, Beryl, Synaptic.
699. Heder Dorneles - Tocantins Brasil, Slackware 10.2, Firefox, BrOffice, Xine, XMMS entre outros. hehehe
700. Cor Metselaar - Leiden, the Netherlands. Using Slackware, OpenSuse, Firefox, Thunderbird, Audacity, xmms, MythTV, Nessus, nmap, wireshark etc.
701. Daniel Baeza - Torrevieja,Alicante,España, Debian, Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird.
702.Jeremiah Bess - Fountain, CO, USA. Mandriva 2007 on three machines (desktop, laptop and a server). The server is used for filesharing with samba. The desktop is for websurfing and experimenting (Firefox, OpenOffice, Azeurus, Wine). The laptop is for roaming. Bring it on M$!
703. Akin Fernandez, Irdialani Limited, London, United Kingdom. We run Red Hat for our webserver and Ubuntu for our desktops. We have run Linux since 1995 (Starting with Red Hat 'Picasso') an have run Suse, Mandrake, Gentoo, Fedora, Korora. We will accept service at our registered offices. You dimwits.
704. Alex de Best - Leeuwarden Netherlands, Fedora Core 6 and Beta 7 test 4, i just used the liveCD, made it load inside my memory and it was already faster and more stable then windows with more options and things to do then the standard windows package. also something to mention, Fedora and linux in general give HELPFULL errormessages!!! i f***ed something up (and i do love to tweak =) ) then it tells me what i did wrong and how i can fix it and how it will even help me do that! eat your heart out MS
705. Eduardo Silva - Ribeirao Preto/ Brasil, OpenSuse 10.2 ... Usando Firefox, Thunderbird, Beryl, Xgl, tudo pirata... Please, processe-me M$.
706. Cyrille, France - I use Debian to develop websites that aren't even compatible with the widest spread browser. Feel free to sue me !
707. Matteo "Gama" Galli - Novara, Italy: Gentoo 2007.0 and a lot of GNU stuff. Also have a Kubuntu 7.04 with Beryl, Openoffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Quanta + and anything can be usefull for my job.
708. Adonis Ayoub - Zagreb/Croatia, Pclinuxos 2007 with KDE of course. i have installed many programs from their repository like, openoffice, koffice, blender, qcad, scribus, inkscape, audacity, ktorrent, amule, frostwire, kaffeine, ftp programs, burning software, firefox and thunderbird, evolution...most of those i don't use but they are here to show other what open source programs can do. however i have them installed, so i hope i broke all your so called "patent rights". i will never use windows at home, and i'm working on switching my company to linux. send to your monkeys from Microsoft Croatian office this: "tuzite me, korporacijske sluge. ajde me tuzite da vas vidim. daj ajde nemojte biti papci. tuzite me! ajde kaj je to tebi jednoj firmu poput vas, jedna tuzba. nemojte da vas brine nekakav publicitet i sline gluposti. firma poput vase si moze priustiti da tuzi jednog linux korisnika. mislim ono, pa to je jedan linux korisnik. kaj je to za korporacijskog giganta poput vas. zeljno isekujem vasu tuzbu" 709.José Luis Ricón(Spain) I use Ubuntu 7.04 to chat, surf the internet and play games with wine. I dont have any copies of Windows in my PC.
710. Cyrille, France - I use Debian to develop websites that aren't even compatible with the widest spread browser. Feel free to sue me !
711. Arnaud Bichet, France - I use Debian, Kubuntu 7.04, Firefox, Openoffice, and many more to work.
712. Ruben Roelofs, only 15 years old. I love using my Ubuntu 7.04, Zenwalk 4.1 and Foresight Linux 1.2. I use OpenOffice and I'm pro-opensource. Windows is totally out of the house sinds a few months. Long live Linux!
713. Sten Turpin, running Debian Etch everywhere. I can do things with 256MB RAM that would make a Windows admin eat his own face off.
714. Charles Taylor, UK - I use Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice, GAIM and many others that seem to have MS patent infingements. I also use Ubuntu Dapper on several production servers. Better sue me too MS...
715. José Augusto da Costa Carvalho, Campo Grande/MS, Brasil - I use Debian Etch 4.0, Ubuntu 7.04, Gnome, KDE, Firefox, Openoffice, BrOffice, Inkscape, Gimp, Gaim, Kopete, Xchat, Azureus, Gftp, Cinelerra, Blender, Gnucash, Scribus, Evolution, OpenSSH, QCAD, Grip, Hydrogen, K3b, Amarok, Kino, Audacity, Jack, Mplayer, Kaffeine, VLC and many more to work or for fun. Please sue me.
716. Arthur Souza Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - I use Ubuntu, OpenOffice and many others, gonna be a pleasure receive a beautiful letter from any company wanting to sue me! 717. Carroll Vance, Austin, Texas - I use Ubuntu, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice, GIMP, GNU GCC. I send best wishes and sue me greetings to units "billgate" and "bradsmit" (8 character name limit imposed).
718. Xavier Gourio, Paris, France. I'm using Ubuntu 6.10, with Open Office, Fire Fox, Thunderbird, aMSN, easy HTML, Gimp, ogg codec for my music, VLC media player, Wine for games. But - shame on me - i'm also using winxp for games that don't work on ubuntu, with the same softwares. So please master MS, sue me, I've been a naughty boy. Yes, I've have to be punished. Pleeeeeease !!!
719. Larry Athey - Minatare, Nebraska, USA - I have one lonely Windows system in my house for the sole purpose of testing web pages with IE7. Other than that, every other computer in my house (with the exception of one Mac Mini) runs Kubuntu Linux. Even on the Windows and Mac Mini, the majority of the software I use is open source. Face it, M$, I don't need your virus and spyware magnets running in my house and I get along just fine. I have yet to find any M$ (or otherwise Windows specific) program that does anything that I can't do with an equivalent open source program. Oh, wait...You're gonna ask me about games...Screw games, I have no use for them. But if I did, I'd just get a PS3 or a Wii. I see no reason to waste a desktop or laptop computer on games. So, please, come sue me ASAP!
720. David Mulder, Baarn, Netherlands. I was ANTI-microsoft, now I am only pro-OpenSource. Still need to use Windows sometimes because of compatibility reasons ;( CRY CRY CRY. Well the point is that I hate organizations using this type of "marketing" tricks.
721. Santiago Crespo - Madrid, Spain - I'm using Ubuntu 6.10, 7.04, Debian, and a LOT of free/open source (libre) software. This is the way.
722. Gino Renardus, Netherlands - I use many open source programs, so you'd have sue me too. Geez, like you guys don't have enough money already.
723. Mauro Quercia, Italy - I'm using Ubuntu 7.04, e many many other Free Software both at home and in my office. I forced my wife to use Linux, too... now she don't want to come back.
724.C Douglas - I use Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Filezilla, Pidgin, and dual-boot Ubuntu 7.04 and XP; with XP there simply for the few games I have that don't run under Wine. =)
725. Simone Malacarne - Pisa, Italia - I use Ubuntu7.04 and it's really great... Compiz Pwr ;)
726. Roberto Soares - Brasília-DF, Brazil - I use linux since 1996, I am a Linux Instructor/Consultant and also work migrating Windows Servers and Desktops to Linux. I saved a lot of money from my clients, who migrated to Linux. Btw, they're very happy with their Linux systems! I really think you should sue me...
727. Stephen Constable, Canada - I use Gentoo Linux as a desktop machine for all my web browsing, office, e-mail, and multimedia needs. I decided to switch from windows after being introduced to linux through work, and have never looked back.
728.Oh yeah, that reminds me - my Netgear router also run linux! [[]]
729. JincS, Inc. - Mead, WA, USA - Though we run Windows on our computers, we use open-source software exclusively. OpenOffice, FireFox, The GiMP, Ogg codec, Audacity, GNU GCC, etc. We don't even develop for your platform! If it actually worked as it should, we would consider it. So sue us :)
730. Lauri Kasanen - Finland - I got to know Linux in 2006. Never looked back and proud of it. Come on Bill, try kick us all in the butt, only to bounce back by the energy field of Freedom! 731.Andrew albert england dear MS i use so many Linux ditsros`s and GNU software every day,hour & minute, maan ,i owe you so much money, don`t let me get away!!! sue me and get all the money i owe you,what kind of lame corparation are you!!!
732. Rafael Recalde Caceres, Brasil - Im using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, OpenOffice, Firefox and many others free/open source softwares!
733. Gaëtan Petit - France - Ubuntu contributor [[]] you can sue me i'm waiting for you! NO TO E-PATENT !!!
734. Romain BOULANGER - France - Simple user of Ubuntu
735.Christopher Mead - I use Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu Linux. I'm growing increasingly tired of the attempts by Microsoft to scare users of competing operating systems into using Windows. It's not going to work!!
736.Swann Ledu - I use all what can escape for microsoft corporation, in one side we have to thanks microsoft, without this society, I won t be able to see what crap means! thank you ... not for that! Regards un francais enervé!
737.Robert Petersen - Germany - Ubuntu 7.04 - Micosoft's behavior in one word: SILLY
738.James Reynolds - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - Open Source Enthusiast - My service provider uses Linux. I use them because they are running Linux. Linux is educational and allows people to learn and get things done. UNIX has a history that is rich. MS don't try to rewrite history! Sue me because I stand alone (or together)
739.Czeslaw Henryk Jan Porowski - Poland. Slackware >=8.0, Debian.
740. Girard Aquino - Philippines - Ubuntu and OpenSuse, OpenOffice, Keepass, Truecrypt, Gimp, Only have a copy of XP because it came with my notebook. But all the other PC's I have use either free or opensource applications. Why? Because the hardware itself it expensive in itself and is useless without software. without free and opensource applications, how can people afford to use computers? Plus i don't want to be a victim of commercialism gone overboard
741.Jerome Olivaux - France. Because once again the evil is behind the corner, we have a pro software patent president now.
742.Juliano Bento, (Brasília, Brazil) I use GNU/Linux professionally since 1997. I use a variety of distros: Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slack, SuSE and RH . Free Software and Open Source forever! So sue me M$! juliano dot bento at gmail dot com
743.Clément VERMOT-DESROCHES - France. I using SuSE Linux and LFS every day. Linux allows me to be totaly Free and independant from any editor
744.Georges DICK - Monaco. I'm using Linux since 1994, I even downloaded copies using Bit Torrent.... And even worse : I'm writing tools, and distribute them ... in GPL ! How bad I am ! >:-> 745.Jean-Marc Vaillancourt - Canada. Using Gentoo on the desktop, on the web, mail, ftp server and as a MythTV box. Dear Bill, your crappy $software$ pushed me to Linux years ago. I discovered what real software is and that, when it goes wrong, you can find the source of the problem and fix it. And now you want to sue me because I switched to another OS by your own fault? OK then, but please, sue me first!
746.Mathieu CLAVEAU - France. I am a professionnal and I use both Microsoft and Linux. I also install a lot of OpenSource software onto the PC i a delivering., Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox, 7zip, PDFCreator... It's of a great use in my job. As a solo user, I have a OpenSuse Linux 10.2 installed on my notebook. It comes with KDE and OOo and the most known of the opensource current software.
747.Please Microsoft, lt us live free, or sue me first if you think the entire world is yours. And as a personnal wish : Mr Ballmer, stop dancing. Your Monkeudance is nothing but ridiculous fat boy.
748.Dennis Lenaerts (Belgium); happy user of Ubuntu 7.04.
749.Grzegorz Papaj - Warsaw, Poland. Arch, OpenOffice, Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, Mplayer and many others. I don't need to pay for software if I have much better, safer and stable alternative for free. I couldn't pay a company which do not respect it's consumers. And which I do not respect.So sue me Bill!
750.Ricardo Sanz Ante, Madrid, Spain. I use GNU/Linux Debian Lenny. I don't need and I don't use Windows since 2004. I use GNU/Linux at home and at work.
751.Flávio Ribeiro Nogueira Barbosa, Paraíba, Brasil.
752.Andrew Greene - Ubuntu 7.04 at home and work.
753.Vincent Gay from Annecy, France (vgay at salug-fr dot org). Debian GNU/Linux is my OS and I'm a Free Software user (and militant) since 1998. 754.Marty Grogan - Seattle, WA. Many years ago, I used an Intel 310 Multibus system that ran on Xenix. I thought (mistakenly?) that my use was legal. Perhaps Intel really did not own its own Xenix (predated SCO). Tandy also provided Xenix on its early TRS machines which I also owned and operated. Maybe after all these years, I owe Microsoft a duty. Since I really can't determine how much without a court order, I probably will have to be sued. Go ahead Microsoft--let's get this behind us.
755.Bernardo Vasconcelos de Carvalho, Brasil. SlackWare user since 2004, and software developer.
756.J. de Mooij, The Netherlands - I use Ubuntu 7.04, Gnome,, Apache, GIMP, Python, PostgreSQL and other free software for personal use and software development. Please sue us and stop spreading FUD.
757.Grzegorz Baaga, Krakow, Poland. I use Ubuntu and Gentoo, many open source projects such as OpenOffice, GIMP, GNOME, Firefox, XChat, Azureus, Nicotine, MPlayer, XMMS, Blender and many others. You say I'm a criminal. '''Proove it and sue me!'''
758.Luis Alberto D'Ardis - Argentina Buenos Aires Capital Federal - LFS & Mandriva 2006 , Firefox OpenOffice and all free AND openware i can find in my way- Tired of white house spys and controls, tired of virus adware malware zombie computers trojans badware AND TIRED OF TRASH!!! tired of An unoperative system in contraposition to what an operative system controls itself , tired of hangs, tired of... a new thing that are lies cos is the same than ever but with a new nose plus DRM INSIDE and needing more and more resources!!!! that M$ and his friends WANTS YOU TO BUY, tired of Micosoft's behavior " abusive, decadent, disgusting, etc" and Tired of " ballmer fat ass " laughing as a sick man of his own works of ignorance and malignant unsightliness. Tired of that they want to liberate the people in exchange for oil tired of the lack of market freedom and expression, Tired and thirsty of studying and knowing, and also the others could be capable of doing the same , if this way they wish, GOD SAVE GNU LINUX, TRON, OUR SAVIOR!!!
759.Patrick Blanchard ([]) Québec, Canada. I use KUbuntu and am testing Gentoo. I have been a Linux user since 1999.
760.Jordache Dailey - Washington, Usa - i currently run a freebsd server for web development and welcome microsoft to do their worst
761. Bill Weinman -- Phoenix, AZ -- I've been running some form of Linux since 1995 and continue to run two Linux servers today. I'm also an author of open source software ([]) -- So sue me first Microsoft!
762.Steven Osborne - Kotzebue, Alaska - Ubuntu: Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn; FreeBSD; OpenOffice; AbiWord; Firefox; Planner; GnuCash & more! I'm sick & tired of the outdated business models to which MS & other companies so desperately cling. Get in line with the times or become the footnote in history you are destined to become. I've been involved with FreeBSD & Linux since the mid 1990's & have loved it ever since.
763.Cole Thompson, Sonora, California - Fedora Core 6 user, for personal use and professional development (sharpen programming skills).
764.Steven Scott -- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -- I've run linux all over the place. I particularly enjoy using it for penetration testing windows machines, which have consistently proven more holey then the pope. They remind me of a cheap cross-dressing prostitute; dressed to draw attention, their skirt only barely covering their more sensitive areas, always ready to be exploited and receive a package. P13@$3 |\/|1cr0$0f7, su3 m3!!! -- not interested in posting my e-mail, but if a request is left on the page for my info I'll be happy to forward it.
765.Eric Angel -- Woodland Hills, California -- Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Debian, at home and at work. I stopped using MS in 1999 and never looked back.
766.Michael Stilson Jr <sunoterra at gmail dot com> -- Kalamazoo, MI, Divided States of Bush & Sons Inc (formerly the United States of America) -- my flavor be gentoo linux, brothers and sisters... WHAT!? -- sue me micro$0ft -- "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - mahatma gandhi
767.Ethan Mateja - Hampton, VA - Running hosting company using LAMP on Centos/Bluequartz and Desktops using Ubuntu Linux 7.04. Kudos to all who contribute to the GNU Community!Sue me first Microsoft or I will spread the good news!
768.Durk Hijma - Holland - Pardus 2007 for everything (why use MS) 769.Diabolic Preacher -- India . have worked on Red Hat 9, Fedora Core 1, Fedora Core 3, Mandrake 10.1, Puppy Linux, Vector Linux, many versions does Windows have? Vista...that's it!
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