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Journal CyberKnet's Journal: Whilst contemplating your navel...

I haven't heard anything from the placement agency since the failed interview with Arrow. That's just a little bit of a drag. Last time I was in the market, the dot-com boom was still going. Williams was still hiring, WorldCom wasn't firing ... aaah times have changed. I got hired in three days last time. I have been giving serious consideration to moving, too. It's a pretty drastic idea, but for the right dollar figure, I think I could make it work. Lots of thinking to do with that one.

The workload at Cav increases steadily. Weekend work is ramping up, they're getting set to purchas_ anothe_ com_any in M_chigan. (Sorry, I can't spell it out). There is definitely stability at Cav, I'm just not sure that there is any rest, and therein lies the problem.


"Vibrant young programmer with 5 years experience seeks immediate full time employment in a management position with a midsize growing company. Candidate company should have proven track record in asset management, and an accountant with at least a four year degree in a financial related field. Sane working expectations and a non-hostile environment are a must; Please, no third parties need apply."

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Whilst contemplating your navel...

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