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Journal leviramsey's Journal: NFL w/ a Fringe of Soccer 1

So Randy Moss is now a Patriot.

Corey Dillon managed to work within the program for a couple of years (and once he acted up, we cut him).

Rodney Harrison didn't have the best reputation for the Chargers (though that may have been more because of his prodigious fine total...).

Arguably, TO would be a better project for the Patriots; Moss has a history of, well, laziness, which doesn't necessarily fit in with the Patriots system. Still, I think that his willingness to renegotiate the contract underscores a desire to get a ring, and if he reverts to prior form, the core leadership in the locker room (Brady, the elite-level QB that Moss has never really had (save for maybe Cunningham in Minnesota way back when?), Bruschi, Vrabel, etc.) may need only to flash some Super Bowl rings and say "you can raise hell when you have even two rings."

If worse comes to worst, he can be cut rather easily, and the Patriots have really only burned a fourth round pick. On the other hand, the tandem of Stallworth and Moss has got to be giving secondaries throughout the AFC nightmares....

EDIT to add the fringe of soccer that was advertised: Villa win 2-0 away to Man City. Providing more evidence that Martin O'Neill's vision is being realized, James Maloney and John Carew (both January window acquisitions) were Villa's scorers, while Petrov and Ashley Young (the other main acquisitions this season) performed very well. Villa have won 3 straight road games in the league for the first time since 1998.

I expect Villa to be competing in the UEFA Cup for 2008-09, with a possible Champions League appearance in 2010-11.

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NFL w/ a Fringe of Soccer

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