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Journal gbulmash's Journal: Screwed Via Small Print 3

Seems that EULA's aren't the only places companies try to screw you. A big source of consumer losses are sites that autorenew subscriptions. They get you signed up and then a month or a year later, after you've forgotten about them, the charge shows up on your credit card or PayPal account. This isn't just porn sites, but sites that seem otherwise legitimate. Some understand that the fight over the refund and the angry ex-customer aren't worth the hassle and will process the cancellation of your subscription and a refund if you're quick enough about it. Others obstinately refuse and even lie about being unable to refund your money.

But even finding out a few vendors to avoid doesn't solve the problem. What's the best way to deal with autorenewing subscriptions so you remember to cancel in time?
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Screwed Via Small Print

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    Try disputing it with PayPal. That should work out in your favour. Otherwise, if this PayPal payment was funded by credit card, disputing it with the issuer of your credit card will certainly work out in your favour.
    • I had previously bought a clip-art collection that claimed it had 100% resale rights and freedom to use all the material. I found it was full of stuff copied off other sites without permission and had falsely advertised itself.

      I disputed it with PayPal and they ruled in the thief's favor, saying all they cared about was that they had delivered the product. Whether it was defective or not as advertised did not matter at all to PayPal.

      I think I'll blog about it.
      • by turg ( 19864 ) *
        (Sorry I missed this earlier)

        PayPal has a separate complaint process for "not as described" items and "not received." Sounds like you used the wrong type of complaint.

        In any case, even if PayPal is no help (and even if they're unlikely to help, it's worth the few minutes to make the complaint), your own credit card issuer will certainly be able to do something if this PayPal payment came off a credit card.

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