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Journal RM6f9's Journal: Hypocrites? Sacrilege?

If there is a God that actually cares about humanity, perhaps He/She/It could grant me understanding of my fellow humans: It's not bad enough that a very few can direct a large number to blindly pursue a war of aggression on foreign soil, not bad enough that thousands of the many have seen the ends of their lives on those foreign sands, but: During the entire process, never once has the public been encouraged to fly their flags at half-mast to mourn the fallen.
One sadly sick individual spends his final day ending the lives of some of his fellow students at an institution of higher learning here in the states, bang: Flags around are lowered.
Personally, I'll not fly a US flag at my home until our troops are home safe.
Please, grant us all the power to forgive each other and the misguided individuals responsible for the ongoing tragedy that is war.
In my imperfection, I rage and cry in frustration that such things are happening - in my short-sightedness, I do not see what possible greater good could be worth such happenings being brought to pass.
My own personal circumstances are not so terrible: Sad, tragic, that that is the best I can make out of the mess.

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Hypocrites? Sacrilege?

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