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Journal Scott7477's Journal: Nuclear Capable Missile Forces Passenger Jet Diversion

Aero News Network says that
"A Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747 carrying several hundred passengers last week was forced to turn around when controllers told the pilots a nuclear-capable ballistic missile had been launched in their vicinity."

Not something a pilot really wants to hear...
More from the ANN article:
"The 747 was en route from Jakarta to Saudi Arabia with 413 people on board when the Indian control tower informed the pilots the missile had been launched, said Ari Sapari, the national carrier's director. The jet landed back in Jakarta then took off again for Jeddah seven hours later, he said."
""We have to make sure this does not happen in the future," Foreign Ministry spokesman Kristiarto Legowo said." Umm, yeah...
"The missile, called the Agni III, is a short to intermediate range missile and was launched from Wheeler Island off of the Indian state of Orissa and is said to be capable of and is capable of carrying a payload of 2,200 lb or a nuclear warhead."
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Nuclear Capable Missile Forces Passenger Jet Diversion

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