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XBox (Games)

Journal FictionalAccount's Journal: Bad Day Back On Earth


Morari stepped back from the data terminal with a huff. He was pissed, and in his mind, rightfully so. The Swarm was advancing on Earth, and all Master Chief wanted to do was fight the same fight in the same way. Sure, they had success on Ring One, and probably fought the same battle in the same way on Ring Two, but this time was different dammit! This was Earth! They were here and unless the United Earth Defense Forces came up with a different control scheme for their Elite Armor 5000 remote units, they didn't stand a chance.

He picked up his soldering iron and got back to work integrating the piece of shit X 3600 Controller and Imaging module into the Armor's mainframe. In his haste one of the Connectitron wires slipped and smashed into the wireless control unit.

"FUCK" he shouted. Three hours of work down the drain. This was BULLSHIT. He sat down and lit up cigar, looking at the pile of junk the Chief wanted him to get ready. His gaze wondered over to the corner, where his PicoComputer Rig sat gathering dust. The datapad and optical rodentialscanner alone would make the difference in this fight! Plus the units trained to use these controls knew their stuff: THEY had been around far longer, had seen far more combat across a variety of environments. Only THEY understood correct comm procedures - half the Newlies coming on board these days only sounded like twelve year olds over the air. What's more they only understood the Chief's control rig and didn't care about the superior advanced imaging services that the old timer's knew would make the difference.

Making up his mind, Morari snuffed out the cigar on the workbench and strode over to his Pico rig, welder in hand. The Chief would understand, they all would. In the end, he would save Earth, and they would thank him for it.
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Bad Day Back On Earth

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