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Journal Pinball Wizard's Journal: The Geek News(that /. deemed unworthy of coverage)

Get your Segway today!. I have to say, the Segway is cool, but not for 5 grand. They already said this thing could go for 3 grand(which is a much more reasonable price). So basically that extra 2G is price gouging. You're not going to get a world-changing invention if you're price gouging. The automobile didn't take off until Ford made them affordable. Personal computing has yet to become pervasive in households for the same reason. I only bring these examples up because Kamen's goal was to create a world changing invention and to fundamentally alter the landscape of cities.

Bin Laden associate warns of Al Qaeda cyberattack. Most alarming quote: "I believe that Osama bin Laden has earned his leadership and most [Muslim students] who are graduating in computer science and computer programming and IT technology are supporting Osama bin Laden." Personally I've met a lot of people from Arabic/Islamic countries in the engineering and science depts. I would never even think to imagine that the majority of these people are learning tech to take home to fight the country that educated them. I think perhaps this gentleman is overstating things, even if he is close to Bin Laden(maybe thats whats clouding his view). I would imagine that most Arabs and Muslims want nothing to do with Bin Laden, including those studying science and engineering.

And(gasp!) Microsoft does a good deed! MS, Apple, and others (A group of high-profile technology companies), lobbied Congress recently to ensure consumers aren't being slowed down unnecessarily by their providers. I have to say, the lack of cheap broadband did more to slow down the acceptance of the Internet than any other factor. I'd almost have to blame the dot-com bust on this factor alone.

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The Geek News(that /. deemed unworthy of coverage)

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