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Journal melonman's Journal: What is it about chat anyway?

I suppose I would stand more chance of fixing my webchat problems if I ever used any of these sites myself. I've tried, I really have, but I always seem to end up watching 74 illiterate 13 year-olds having a swearing contest.

Well, I did spend a few hours on the ltsp chat line once. Didn't manage to solve my problem, but I helped a couple of people who understood ltsp even less than I did to get started. Which made me feel very good about myself. Until I realised that it was 3:30am and I had to go to work the following day....

Maybe this chat thing works better if you meet up with people you already know. But for the people who would fall into this category in my case, swapping emails seems to work. Sure, the answers take a bit more time to arrive, but at least there is some hope of the content of the messages making sense.

Or maybe I'm just too old. My parents persist in writing emails that look like letters. Maybe I'm trying to use chat as email.

Or maybe chat just sucks and my clients haven't noticed yet :-)

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What is it about chat anyway?

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