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Journal Mick Ohrberg's Journal: Second Test Launch of SpaceX Falcon 1

The second test launch of the SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket took place today at 6:10 pm PST. After successfully having completed launch, first stage separation (2m 51s), second stage ignition (2m 55s), fairing separation (3m 16s), and reaching an altitude of 300 km, the vehicle was seen entering what is referred to as roll oscillations (4m 30s). Shortly thereafter, telemetry was lost. The second stage is assumed to have re-entered the atmosphere after about half an orbit or so. Says SpaceX founder, Elon Musk:

I think I'll characterize this as a very good day for SpaceX. We successfully reached space and really retired almost all the risk associated with the rocket. So I feel very good about where things are.

Videos of the launch are available for download.

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Second Test Launch of SpaceX Falcon 1

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