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Journal cparker15's Journal: to Deliver Open Letter to Steve Jobs, the Free Software Foundation's campaign against DRM, has written an open letter to Steve Jobs regarding his recent public statements about DRM. The campaign's organizers are asking for more signatures before the letter is delivered to Mr. Jobs on April Fool's Day. From the letter's introduction:

We surpassed our target of 1000 signatures in just 5 hours! In 5 days we have passed 4000! Now lets see how many we can get by April 1.
Sign this letter to Steve Jobs asking him to back his pledge on DRM by April 1. We will send the letter, with your comments to Steve, on April 1, and include a big thank you because he has taken one of these actions, or a jesters hat for him to wear if he hasn't. We will publish the best/funniest comments through out the month!

Specifically, the campaign is asking Mr. Jobs to take action to reflect his opposition to DRM. Since he has voiced he is powerless concerning the current DRM-laden status of Apple's iTunes Music Store, the open letter gives three possible actions that could be taken immediately to back up his statements. They are:

  1. Drop DRM on iTunes for independent artists
  2. Drop DRM on iTunes for Disney movies and video
  3. Take a public stand against DRM and legislation mandating DRM by funding a campaign to repeal the Digital Millenium Copyright Act's (DMCA) prohibitions

The details of the letter explain how Steve Jobs has the power to take action on one of the above three fronts.

Come April 1st, will Steve Jobs be putting his money where his mouth is, or his foot?

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