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Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: For those not following Multiply 4

I resigned as COO from SlashChick's company, Simpli Hosting, Inc, last week.

I am now hopping around the East Coast and clearing my head before I go back to the Bay Area and start up doing my own consulting thing.

I'm in DC right now, and will be for another couple of days, and then will probably be back here next week for a few days again as well.

Besides that, I'll be in NYC for the bulk of next week and all of next weekend (it's my birthday weekend, and I'll be spending it with a bunch of old friends).

I also may make a quick jump up to the Boston / Cambridge area to see some family and friends as well and to potentially find out what this kitten of Blinder and Sol's is all about.

In short, I'm available for complimentary dinner and beer in all the above cities if anyone wants to meet my unemployed self while I'm bouncing around :)

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For those not following Multiply

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  • Just there for a day. Might be a couple, however, as it looks like snow is about to nail minneapolis.
  • Care to comment on why you quit?

    I'm in the process of leaving my current company but I want to find a good job to replace it first. Unfortunately this makes it somewhat more difficult to field calls/emails from recruiters as I'm typically somewhat busy during business hours.

    This weekend was particularly bad as I did new postings of the resume midweek last week and had an out of town trip Friday night through Monday Night. There are a bunch of voicemails and emails I haven't responded to yet. The worst is I
  • I work in Cambridge right next to MIT. Redeem this posting for a complimentary beer and dinner entree.
  • Too bad you're not going north of the border for a bit ... but happy birthday anyway.

    Also, good luck on your job search. Keep us posted ? :-)

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