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Journal betasam's Journal: Making an Organization "work"

My labors of recent have changed to accommodate a new order; the very point of helping the organization I serve in, survive. I have found that the middle managers, have risen to their posts by the "Peter Principle." Unfortunate, as it is for the organization when it is about to start a fight for survival led by someone who believes in excellence; the day of Judgment is near. There are products being "Made in India", which need to match International standards. Patriotism in itself doesn't hold great virtues. The pursuit of excellence, however, does hold in itself virtues and a sense of achievement that every stakeholder will be proud of.

In such situations one is surrounded by distractions with shearing forces of enormous strength. Politicking, Ethnic division, Prejudiced reasoning, Procrastination, Disregard of Time and by far, the worst of them all, self-induced Communication blockades. In today's Organization information economy, the free flow of information is the only thing that ensures the success of any Organization. People who somehow block themselves out of the communication loop, either by not receiving or not sharing information create land-mines on the field of operation.

I have decided that the one tool that can help subvert all other ills is an increased way of communication. It helps to push people out of the mangers; those who hide their ignorance behind curtains acting like those who understand. The free flow of information accompanied by a commitment to excellence and the usage of time can save an organization from any and all ills (even the financial woes.) Added to this people have converted the workplace into a battlefield of wits. One cannot spend their entire intellect creating answers to the peripheral problems that are created for the purpose of subversion and politicking. Companies sometimes do not have enough money in their coffers to pay everyone, save senior management. At this point, they experience attrition; which usually starts with the more experienced and helpful resource they troubled until then leaving. Those who initiated it do feel happy and feign a sense of anger at such a course. They almost always know who's leaving because they've been trying to make that person feel uncomfortable in every way.

There is little doubt that it has been tried out one me too. I have stepped from Organization to Organization in the hopes of finding the more ideal or rational environment. I have only seen that the variables are somehow different, yet the net resultant is the Institution filled with all prerequisites for self destruction. At this point I have realized that jumping hither tither is of little help. I've decided to stand back and get the job done, no matter what it takes. By this I mean that anything or anyone standing in the shared and accepted vision of the success of the Company (more products sold, a better bottom line, more brand equity ...) will be faced with a Juggernaut. I would be the force that works to remove all inertia and get teams to achieve. In this, I shall be fiery and hell-bent, and that which blocks me shall regret it. Everyone I admire in history has found themselves a role, which they have played no matter what difficulties beset them. It seems that my time has come.
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Making an Organization "work"

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