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Journal Eastender's Journal: The end of analog

Been reading the comments from fellow /. for a long time now.

Analog is dead. Long live digital formats.

Does this mean that DRM grips us around our innards in a steel grip, and for ever now?

Slowly but surely, the February 17, 2009, cutoff date for over-the-air analog TV gets an increasing amount of attention as we get closer to the date (just two years away). But an equally important date is just days away: February 28, 2007. That's the last day that manufacturers can ship or import any product that has only an analog TV tuner. As of March 1, all new TV and video products imported into the U.S. or shipped to retailers that include an analog (NTSC) tuner need to have a digital (ATSC) tuner as well.

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The end of analog

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