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Do You Think I'm a Troll?

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  • You start asking yourself some questions!

    Maybe one day you'll stop being a nazi too!

  • And one of the better ones at that. Of course people mod you up when you post something that gives their own stupid beliefs a handjob. It isn't like they will check their facts because they want to believe. That homeless/plane troll was nice. It is complete idiocy without a toe in reality and it is at +5. Anyone who has been paying attention knows you're a troll, but it is not enough to negate the slashbots who will mod-up any sort of tripe that sounds good. Maybe they think you will fuck them? They would be so disappointed when they find that you have a penis. They would probably go for it though.
    • That's very true -- everything posted early on slashdot nowadays is either modded up to +5 or -1 with almost no inbetweens. One could post the fucking meaning of life on slashdot, but if it were done after the first 40 posts, it would get no moderation. Metamoderation, or editor fake-metamoderation usually gets me, though, but if I drop below excellent karma, I can repair it in an instant. People mentioning that I'm a troll also seems to give me a little hit -- though I don't really monitor closely -- but they usually give it up after a day or two.

      Too bad I forgot to mention that I would also have jet engines and guidance systems installed in the planes, and have them sent like missiles into skyscrapers so that Arab invaders can set up a pure Islamic state. It would be a thousand 9/11's in one day, while boatloads and planeloads of Arabs armed with AK-47's overrun our nuked and gassed army bases.

      What makes you think I have a penis, though? Even if I were a guy, and/or if I had a penis, I would probably masturbate it constantly instead of post on slashdot. However, I still would have the libido to use sex as a tool for karma whoring.

      Every time a slashbot sees kelly.jpg [], I'm sure a dribble of pre-cum trickles out their miniscule pubic-hair shrouded penises.
  • I love you SexyKellyOsbourne! You amuse me greatly.
  • Miss Osbourne (it is Miss, isn't it?), I just thought I'd tell you that you've inspired me to become a troll. What you do is the closest thing to a work of art any of us are going to see at Slashdot, and if I can be even half as good as you, then I'll be able to sleep at night a happy boy.

    Having said that, giving PhysicsScholar that number was just plain nasty. Unless that really was your number, and you just happen to live at the party headquarters...
    • HAHAHA... that's the phone number I always give out when I do so, as it's yet another troll. It meant nothing against PhysicsScholar, though -- he's awesome, and I'll still have his baby, even though I gave out a troll phone number.

      Oh, and thank you! I wish you luck, too: may you have many inane responses, may your karma stay at 45-50 (Excellent), and may 20 mod points+ be burned on each post you make.

      As far as real artwork goes, I wish Klerck or someone else could once again find out how to post ASCII Goatse, though the FP NIGZ/fuck you ascii isn't bad, either.
      • Of course I didn't call it, you big goose you :0)

        Besides for being (much like yourself) not a resident of the United States, there was no need, seeing as you didn't follow LWRs Number One Rule Of Telephone Number Trolling - never leave the number in a format that can be found by Google! Search for "(734)-729-1702", and the American Nazi Party lights up like a Negro Jew at a Klan party. Might I suggest switching to the much less recognizable "[734] 72 91702", which instead returns quite a few government sites?

        While I've got your attention, Miss Osbourne, might I ask your opinion on my first troll? I just got home, and needed something light and simple (I didn't want to get too complicated too early on), so I opted for the following extremely subtle change: 443 []. Those Ticketmaster folks...and people accuse Microsoft of overcharging!

        Oh well, must go make tea, but it's been nice chatting!


        • But they'll unfortunately mod you down if you repost an article from ZDNet, a major news organization (Washington Post), or some other site with a dedicated OC-192 or whatever. I got Anal Cocks by getting to a story on a shit server before it was completely and totally slashdotted (I would have had fp if I didn't), then changed it around subtly, as it was a small article, too.

          Don't worry, you'll learn. I at first crashed and burned this account into Terrible karma, then brought it up to Excellent permanently.

          I might just do that for the phone number, though.

          Keep trollin, trollin', trollin, trollin! (Limp Bizkit, not Rawhide)

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