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Journal Steve Franklin's Journal: This is required 1

"This is required"
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"This will go down on your permanent record"

Shades of the coming geekocracy?

Some quick notes. I just discovered this function and it's about time to head home.

It is my considered opinion that there are just entirely too many rules, laws, regulations in the world. Even the idea that one now needs to fill out a web form to send an e-mail to some web sites is a symptom of some underlying need on the part of the average human to control the actions of others. And since the events of late '01, it has gotten worse. Where it will end, no one knows. I suspect we may be on the brink of an emerging American Empire not totally unlike the one that grew out of the Roman Republic almost exactly 2 millennia ago. Phil Dick thought that empire never ended. I think he was being pessimistic. But not by much.

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This is required

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  • by Arker ( 91948 )

    You're exactly correct. As a patriot and a republican (in the root meaning of the word, not the partisan sense) this fills me with great sadness. Check out my 'homepage' link if you haven't already.

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