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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] And the next Steelers head coach... 1

... is Mike Tomlin??
I'm reserved about this. Its still considered 'gossip' as no team officials have come forward (including anonymous officials via ESPN). Regardless, the choice has me a little concerned. Tomlin is a big believer in the Tampa-2 coverage scheme. I don't see this working in the AFC north. Funny thing, though, is that the Tampa-2, as Dungy is willing to admit, comes from the defensive scheme of the old 70s Steelers "Steel Curtain" defense. If you have a good enough front for (including 2 HOF'ers), you can put the rest into coverage, and the LBs (including 2 HOF'ers) can handle the run if they do get past the front four...

Regardless, I'm not a big believer in the cover-2, as its suppose to compliment a high powered offense, which the Steelers aren't. Regardless, either big changes are coming, or Tomlin will change his philosophy to be more in line with the Steelers.

Still surprised Grimm didn't get the job, to be honest. Not saying that he's a better candidate (the Rooney's know how to pick coaches!), just seemed like he was a Pittsburgh guy and ready for the job...
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[NFL] And the next Steelers head coach...

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  • From Peter King's MMQB is the age of Steeler coaches. Chuck Knoll was 37, then Cowher was hired at 34. Tomlinson? 34. I hope it works out for them. As much as I love my Rams, I have a very soft spot for the way the Steelers conduct themselves as an organization and play football.

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