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Journal Lars T.'s Journal: NO bugged Canadian Coins! 1

A recent Slashdot story asked: Bugged Canadian Coins?. Now The Globe and Mail has an update on the story - or rather the non-story. "Defence contractors had apparently been give certain special-issue Canadian coins, the unfamiliar look of which caused them to be concerned about the money, a source said. That led to an investigation once the contractors returned to the United States . But a U.S. agency that investigated the complaint found no evidence of any secret transmitters, or of any other tampering. It's not clear why this information failed to find its way into the released U.S. Defence Security Service report." So you can all pack in your tin-foil hats - at least that's what they want you to believe.
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NO bugged Canadian Coins!

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  • In addition to standard currency, the Mint produces special-issue coins, like pink-ribbon quarters to raise awareness about breast cancer or "lucky Loonies" to celebrate Canada's accomplishments in hockey.

    You have to be fairly stupid to think that the special edition coins are going to be effective for tracking people. I have long since lost track of how many editions of the quarters there are, and when they first came out I wanted to collect them. I'm not sure if they even make the old caribou coins a

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