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Journal jwilcox154's Journal: In response to Brushfireb's Ivy Tech comment

In response to Brushfireb' Ivy Tech comment.

"Ivy Tech" is a specific technical school in the midwest which is known for being the lowest common denominator.


I would be glad to have ANYONE apply from any normal state school, or even who had good experience.

But little experience + bad education is not the way into this company

First of all, Ivy Tech was rechartered in 2005 as Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Even before that it was known as a two year college. It hasn't been a trade/technical school for quite some time now.

Second it wouldn't be wise to hire someone that has a two year degree as their only credential. Other important credentials would include Phi Theta Kappa membership, various certifications 'ASE, A+, etc', SGA position 'President, secretary, etc', numerous others.

Third, it would make more sense to hire someone with a four year degree. Ivy Tech is a great school to start with, but not to finish with. Someone should use it as a starting point then transfer to a four year institute once he or she has a four year degree.

Finally, Ivy Tech no longer allows someone that simply has experience to teach. They now require someone to have at least a 4 year degree in the field they are teaching in.

At one time they probably were the bottom of the barrel spewing out the least common denominator. Today that description doesn't apply to Ivy Tech.

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In response to Brushfireb's Ivy Tech comment

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