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Journal Felinoid's Journal: Don't blame the software

Now that IS a very odd thing for me to say. "Don't blame the software" anyone who knows me knows dam good and well I "ALWAYS" blame the software, even when there is smoke coming out he back of the computer I some how find a way to blame it on bad code.
But I restrict this to my own equipment. When it's someone else's equipment I blame the people in charge of the equipment. Also on my equipment 9 times out of 10 I wrote the software so it's still my fault.

I'm talking about the jerk who always pops his head up and yells "Don't use XXX use ZZZ instead" somehow clamming XXX is useless and ZZZ solves all problems magicly. It never ever works that way.

Today it's on Second Life. They had some nasty database issues. Lately they have been having all kinds of nasty database issues. So somebody says "Get rid of the Toy MySQL database" and of course I come to Slashdot to rant (I think I'd get in trubble if I respond on SL).

Basicly every software has it's pluses and minuses. Some more than others.
I see a lot of psudo techies pop up when ever there is a problem and blame something no matter how unrelated.

If you Windows people think this is exclusive to Linux geeks think again. I see more "Use Windows", "Use Microsoft" and other such bullshit than I ever see from the Linux side.
Oh sure BSD people pop up every now and then and say "you might consider migrating your server stack to BSD" and only when doing so might actually solve the problem and not create a whole new set of problems.
However I see a lot of "Use Windows". There is a power outage and the servers all die "Use Windows" and that is going to solve the problem of having NO POWER?

Yes Linux people do say "You should use Linux" often. They do it at the right time to make such suggestions even when the suggestion itself is stupid. It isn't recomended as a solution to a compleatly unrelated problem.
My TV show was cancled, It wouldn't have been had I switched to Windows.

It's like people think if they bitch about open source software every time there is a problem people will start thinking open source software is worse than commertal counterparts.
and on that now if Second Life ever did take that suggestion of not using MySQL that would be the end of Second Life.

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Don't blame the software

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