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Journal Luke727's Journal: LOL

At the end of the USC-UCLA game, a few of the UCLA players were asked a couple of questions. One of the guys says "They overlooked us; they thought they were on their way to the national championship. Lee Corso; Kirk Herbstreit; we had another thing coming! Thank you, and that's all I got to say."

That was fucking hillarious, and really made my day. Just in case you don't know, Corso and Herbstreit are the two main hosts of ESPN's big college football show. Virtually everyone in sports talk (including them) wrote UCLA off.

This is why a playoff system would be great. I am an absolute believer that any given Sunday (or Saturday, for college) either team is capable of coming out with a win, though obviously some teams have better chances than others. UCLA was a long shot, but they took advantage of their opportunity and now the BCS is all fucked up and everybody who waved off UCLA looks like a schmuck.

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