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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: The wrong kind of swinging at the playground 2

We had an interesting experience today taking my kids, wife, and 72 year old mother to the new playground where my youngest daughter and I planted a tree last weekend. A man in the driver seat of a fairly new LARGE SUV, (the real working kind, not a family type one) was aparently receiving oral favors from a woman standing outside the truck, this was going on in clear view of the playground. Well, somewhat clear view, you couldn't see what the woman was doing with her face in the man's lap, only that her face was in his lap, and that he seemed very happy. My wife noticed first and pointed the situation out to me so we could try get the rest of the family to the playground and absorbed so they wouldn't notice.

I found a corner of the playground away from my mother and kids and called the local police tip line, but as the park which has recently been annexed by the city I live in, hasn't officially been become part of the city yet, they transferred me to the county police. After being on hold for at least 5 minutes, they finally took my report. About 10 minutes later the county cop cars started rolling in, no lights or sirens or anything, and at an appropriate casual parking lot speed, eventually totalling at least six cars. At this we walked past the scene toward the duck pond. I couldn't follow everything that happened from there, but I think they got off (no pun intended) with just a stern warning, as the aparent activity had ended at some point between me hanging up and the police arriving. By the time we went back to our car, the SUV was gone, and there were only two cop cars left,

Later my mother wondered outloud what all yhe cops were there for. So I'm pretty sure she never picked up on the original activity.

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The wrong kind of swinging at the playground

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  • That's awful! I think I would have went to a different park ...
    • One day my 10-year-old niece came funning into my sisters to tell us that two people were having naked sex in a car parked 2 houses down. Sure enough, it was a silver BMW convertible with the top down, and the only article of clothing in sight was a pair of socks.

      My sister refused to believe either of us. Anyway, my sister had 6 cameras in the house - but NOT ONE WITH FILM. Finally, the old man in the house on the other side went by and rapped the car with his cane and told them to get a motel room.

      10 m

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