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Journal superflippy's Journal: Local artists face international copyright issues 2

Normally I think about technology and copyright as it applies to music or movies, not fine art. This article in the Post and Courier describes problems Charleston's local artists are having with their pantings being copied for profit without permission. Technology makes it easy for their images to be copied and placed on mugs, t-shirts, etc. This often happens outside the U.S., making it hard for the artists to follow up and prosecute copyright violations.

Artists and those copying them have different views on the morality of copying the art:

Anthony Pompa owns a Montreal company that makes canvas prints from the images on Carter's posters. "I love Eva Carter's work. I really do," he said. "And this is such a proper way of displaying her work. We're just doing her a favor. We're making her look great."

Carter, who operates a gallery on East Bay Street, views the works as a clear infringement on her copyrights and a threat to her livelihood. But the practice continues just the same.

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Local artists face international copyright issues

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    First I would be happy if anyone thought my art was worth copying :-D But then I would be pretty pissed if other people were making money off of my art, expeically if I didn't get a cut. How sad.
    • I agree. If someone wanted to print out one of my collages to tape in their locker, I'd be flattered. After all, I put them out there for people to enjoy. But I wouldn't want anyone making money off of them. I guess that's why I find the Creative Commons licenses so useful.

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