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Journal GMontag's Journal: Car Pr0n and Update

Well, all of my car porn is stuck in my cell phone. Forgot the right method of sending them to my AOL account to post at The Book of Charger, so need to figure that out again. No, I don't have the motorola software to download to home computer and the CD-ROM drive is not functioning right now anyway.

So, spent the weekend sandblasting bumper mounts and components, even the metal louvors for the tail lights. Primed and painted the louvors light textured Argent silver rather than the original black. They came out very good, I was surprised. Painted the bumper hardware with black POR-15 as well as the bottom 6" or so of the car, the channel around the trunk opening and the tail panel. LOTS of pitting and corrosion, even pinhole rust through on tail panel.

Everything is drying now. Will take a long lunch on Wednesday, when the shop opens back up, and reassemble everything. Need it to dry very well so the POR-15 does not weld the parts together. Should get some silicone spray for the areas that attach to other parts and anti-sieze for all of the fasteners, even though they will be replaced when I strip, repair and paint the bumpers.

Ran out of time to work on the valances. Looks like a project for the balcony over the winter.

Was quite surprised that I only used about 6 oz. of paint for everything that I did. Expected to use at least a quart.

Next weekend is for normal maintenance that is behind schedule, like the quarterly oil change that is over-due. Might spend Saturday driving around the beltway for 8 hours and then pull the transmission filter and see how everything is holding together there and track down the transmission leak that is driving me nuts.

Speaking of Saturday driving, who still lives around here and wants a visit, weather permitting? Can schedule gas stops at exits that have Starbucks!

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Car Pr0n and Update

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