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Journal salimma's Journal: Reporters Without Borders planning net demo 2

Reporters sans frontières is organizing a 24-hour online demonstration against Internet censorship, starting next Tuesday, 7th of November, 11am Parisian time (that's 10am UTC and 5am EST for the Anglo-Americans out there).

You connect to their server and, if I understand the press release correctly, try and Slashdot sites belonging to oppressive governments. Or however else clicking can 'help to change the "Internet Black Holes" map and help to combat censorship'. I sure do hope they have enough server capacity themselves to withstand a Slashdot effect, but if not, someone will probably summarize what's going on in time.

With governments everywhere using terrorism as an excuse to crack down on civil liberty (China, United States, and starting November, Indonesia), it is up to the concerned among us to speak up while we still can. Make your voice heard!

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Reporters Without Borders planning net demo

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  • I know you guys are blanketing the airwaves, but I heard that it was only a hazing ritual [wordpress.com]. ;-)

    • by salimma ( 115327 )
      Haha. Oh, that's an (almost) annual occurence. We naturally blame the Malaysian timber concession holders, and meanwhile, the local tribes (especially in Kalimantan) get to watch their livelihoods being destroyed.

      There has been no official announcement, but from the grapevine I recently heard that they're planning to start monitoring email traffic in November. Though I doubt it will be done properly - who's going to pay for even an Echelon-lite system?

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