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Journal ben there...'s Journal: In case you're wondering what that rejected submission is: 3

I posted a journal entry asking anyone to help me figure out what it takes to get moderation ability. Silly me checked the Submit checkbox, thinking it would post to my journal only if I checked that. I should have read the sidebar *below* that more carefully. ;-)

Anyway, I figure I post too much or refresh the front page too many times to be selected as moderator or something. :-(

Let me know if there is a trick I'm not aware of.

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In case you're wondering what that rejected submission is:

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  • Posting and refreshing a lot will do it, however you also have to wait.

    Do you have good Karma? If not it may be never.

    Also the pool of mod's only grows slowly. And one heavily modded down post can wipe your ability to mod for a long time (or even post).

    • Yeah, I've had Excellent karma for a few months. That's what I don't get.

      I occasionally get a troll/offtopic, as pretty much anyone does, but I don't know if they were modded down too much.
      • by tqft ( 619476 )
        You seem to be posting a lot as well. I don't know coz I don't subscribe and can't see much history this also has an affect.

        I came across a journal entry a few days ago describing this - frequent good posters tend to get mod points less frequently due to the economic incentives. The argument they laid out: Mod points may make the sytem work, but good posters create page views ==> $. May well be true. You could try and unravel the slashcode yourself and see what is making it tick.

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