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Journal Flamesplash's Journal: World of Stargate Atlantis

There was a cute reference to World of Warcraft in last night's Stargate Atlantis. I wonder with the references to the currently unreleased expansion if they actually meant the episode to air later in the season but was changed given the canceling of the series.

( Rough transcript )

DL: Dr. Lesban
DW: Dr. Weir

(scene Rodney and Elizabeth are in DL's lab, trying to distract him to hack his computer)
DL: I've gotta say, I've never met a woman this into World of Warcraft.
DW: It's a silent passion of mine.
DL: Oh, as it is with all of us. I'm a level 75 mage specializing in Engineering and jewlcrafting, you?
DW: ( walks around, pulling DL's view away from Rodney; he starts tinkering ) Wow, level 75. Me? I'm only level 50.
DL: Ah, well I had the beta of the expansion pack so I sorts had a leg up on most people. What's your race?
DW: ... Mage.
DL: You know I'm trying to increse my enchanter skill, .. ehh it's just not going very well.
DW: Oh, I disagree Bill.
DL: What? (Turns around to look at Rodney) Uh Rodney...
DW: (Comes in closer and touches him on the shoulders, bringing him back to her ) Uh I don't mean, I don't mean to be so forward.
DL: No no go ahead be forward
DW: Well, oh, I, look, I'm not quite sure how exactly I should put this.
DL: A true mage speaks his mine, or her mind in your case.
( Rodney finishes )
Rodney: Oh look at the time we should get going.

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World of Stargate Atlantis

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