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Journal Flamesplash's Journal: I'M JACK BAUER, I YELL REALLY LOUD

Well it is done. I've just finished the last DVD of 24 season 4. After having watched season 5 on tv I am now glowing in the drama that is 24. Man that Jack Bauer, he's sure something. And what a healthy set of lungs he's got. That's no small feat considering how many toxic situations he's been in. He can even point a gun fairly accurately while serenading his enemies with his bass.

In the end I can't say any of the seasons really stand out from the rest, I guess that's somewhat due to watching somewhere between 8-16 episodes a week for however many weeks given how similar each seasons plot is. But oh well, it was enjoyable as it went along, and I'm looking forward to the 6th season where Jack gets a nasty paper cut and dies of gangrene because he refused to put his gun down.

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