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Journal winkydink's Journal: International travel and not checking bags 2

Those of you who know me well, know that I travel extensively on business; 150k-250k mi/yr.

On my last trip, I missed getting the new carry on restrictions by something like three hours. With a lot more trips coming up, I started to plan on how to get all of my necessary toiletries on board with me so I could avoid the uncertainties associated with checked baggage.

Now, in the middle of a San Francisco - Hong Kong - Mumbai - Chennai trip, I'm happy to report on the results so far.

To summarize what I did:
  - Tooth powder instead of tooth paste
  - A shaving brush and soap instead of canned shaving cream
  - Stick deodorant

First the tooth powder. Man, this is some weird stuff. It's gritty and kind of salty-tasting - nothing like conventional toothpaste. To say it takes getting used to is an understatement. However, it leaves my teeth feeling very clean and the cinnamon aftertaste in my mouth is actually pleasant.

Now the shaving soap and brush are great stuff! I remember my playing with my dad's when I was a little boy and it's even more fun as a grownup. I guess I'm a sucker for small rituals - wetting the brush, working up a lather, applying it to my face (a sensual experience). It also does a better job of lubricating my skin for the razor. I may keep using this when I get back!

The stick deodorant. Yuck! Normally, I use an unscented gel, Almay. My local Walgreens didn't have an unscented stick, so I'm stuck with Speed Stick Cool Blast. I hate the smell.

Oh, one more thing. If anybody ever tries to book you on Air India, beg and plead for an alternative. The worst plane I have been on in my life, and that's saying something. The ceiling was still stained with nicotine from back when they had smoking flights. Uncomfortable seats with no seat power, in business no less! Food was decent but, hey, it's still airplane food.

Back to the Bay Area on Wed. Until Sunday when I leave for a press tour for a new product launch. :(

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International travel and not checking bags

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  • Was it indian food? Mmmmm naan bread and basmati rice.....
    • From HKG-DEL, it was a lobster dish. The lobster was overcooked and chewy. From DEL-BOM, some sort of chicken, again very chewy. No naan with either one. Just some of that cracker bread & a spiced flat bread.

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