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Journal Flamesplash's Journal: Anatrove LIVE rwar!!!

Anatrove has a new look. I decided to finally polish it up a bit, and after some help from Rachel it's looking might nice. All the same functionality is there, but Rachel was nice enough to do some wireframes and a new layout that definitely make Anatrove nicer to look at.

For those who don't know, Anatrove is my pet web project. It all started in grad school when I needed to stop doing academic work for a weekend and just pounded out basically all of the functionality you see now in the site. The premise behind the site is that there's little difference between what you get when you buy a CD from Amazon vs downloading all or some of an album from iTunes. What are those differences? Mainly just the visuals like the liner notes, the cd face and maybe even the casing. The problem is, these suck most of the time; so what's the point in paying more for a cd when you get nothing more?

That's where Anatrove steps in. It's a user supplied database of these extras that come with cd's so that you can make a more educated use of your money.

I realize the site will probably never really go anywhere, but I like to play, and it is an actual purpose.

My next thoughts for the site are to round out the user side of things, see who supplied a particular album description, see all the ones they've done, etc. Other than that I'm thinking of redoing it using AJAX to make it smoother, and learn AJAX.

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Anatrove LIVE rwar!!!

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