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Journal Felinoid's Journal: Virus software making the problem WORSE

Look at my preveous jorurnals you can see I pritty much take a stand that the virus software is the worst solution to a problem that shouldn't even exist.

A short summery.
The problem is due to outdated operating system design.
Virus software can (and has in the past) shut down antivirus protection.
Anti-virus software can only trap the virus AFTER it has had a chance to wreck havoc. Cause irreversable damage up to and including render anti-virus software USELESS.

So what's my bitch now?
How about bogus anti-virus software. It's happend before. A trojen made by some individiual to trick people into running it to catch viruses.
I thought we were past the days when trojens could trick us so I didn't mention it.
Preticularly for virus scans. BUY THE DAM SOFTWARE GODDAMMIT. The free scans do NOTHING.

It gets better. My mother got an update from the manufacter of her computer.
It included anti-spyware software.
A freeware version.
They send it ever freaking time we didn't install the software.
We have anti-virus software and anti-spyware software we didn't need this.
Well ok they insist so it's installed. It's a DEMO not the full version and detects all kinds of viruses.
Only umm nothing else detects those viruses. NOTHING ELSE AT ALL.
So I uninstall and look up the name of the software. Can't find it. But I can find the software takes it's name from a type of scam where fake anti-virus software instals spyware. ...

Thank you anti-virus industry.
Windows - Many viruses including a few manfuactuer supplied virus scanners.
Linux - A few viruses a few worms. None of them work.
MacOsX - One worm and it never worked.

All Finagle Laws may be bypassed by learning the simple art of doing without thinking.