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Journal Gangis's Journal: Bakayaaaarrrrrrrou! 1

Susan strikes again.

Susan (6:02:20 PM): you take lots of naps

Susan signed off at 6:48:01 PM.
Susan signed on at 6:48:16 PM.
Me (6:58:12 PM): well, that's because school wipes me out
Susan (6:58:20 PM): woke up I see :-D
Me (6:59:12 PM): I'd like to see you sit through an hour and a half of calculus wiithout getting tired
Susan (6:59:33 PM): I could
Me (6:59:52 PM): heh whatever :-P
Susan (7:00:03 PM): I would get bored...but not tired
Susan (7:02:17 PM): like right now, I'm semi bored and wish I could cheer up someone in person cause I'm thinking about baking them something but can't get over there :-(
Susan (7:03:27 PM): oh well, can't be helped
Me (7:03:37 PM): ahh, that's too bad
Susan (7:03:55 PM): yeah
Susan (7:11:12 PM): craig? you doing anything right now?
Me (7:11:46 PM): no, but I can't drive you to your friend's
Susan (7:12:03 PM): I figured as much
Me (7:12:07 PM): I'm sorry
Susan (7:12:20 PM): no prob
Susan signed off at 7:12:35 PM.

Note the almost-sudden sign off when I told Susan I couldn't drive her. She's making me nuts. I really want to tell her off but I feel like if I want to be friends with Rich, I gotta be friends with Susan (since they're always together.) Any advice, please?! @_@

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Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!