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Journal ggvaidya's Journal: To be posted, maybe, etc. 3

To begin with, please don't bandy words like genocide about; they've been created for very specific reasons. NONE of the three attacks you cite (or the Mumbai blasts) are systematic attempts at destroying a race (genocide). They are systematic attempts at terrorising a population. Nobody was trying to kill the Hindus or the Muslims or the Christians & they were attacks on the people of America, the UK, Spain and India. In 1993, Rwandan militants began systematically annhilating members of a minority race; in 1945, Nazi supporters began systematically killing every Jewish person in Europe. That is not what is happening here. What is being destroyed is not a race, or even a people, but the feeling of security, and it's insulting to compare an attack against people who were unlucky enough to be on the wrong train at the wrong time (or in the wrong building, etc.) to an attack against people because of belief, race or skin color.

My main issue with your post, however, is the simplistic, self-serving and condescending attitude you show. Subhumans? Monsters? Who the hell do you think you're talking about, buddy, lions and tigers? You're talking about human beings, believe it or not, real living flesh-and-blood people who live and breathe and fuck and die just like you do. Human beings who happen not to live in your country, and who will not be treated as subhuman because of where they're born. Some of these humans believe that it is in their best interest that outrages like the Mumbai blasts occur. I think killing innocents is about the most damnably evil think you can do, but that's just my opinion, and it's just one in a million. In a billion. They think differently. You can either treat them as humans, and try to figure out why they're doing what they're doing, or you can treat them like animals and put them into cages. Best of luck - humans breed like cockroaches, and can be harder to kill.

I'm also not sure exactly how you're holding me responsible for murders carried out by people who are very likely my countrymen; I'm don't think it would be fair to hold you responsible for Abu Gharib. Societies will always try to "isolate and neutralize the monsters who live in [them]", but when your government's total budget is $118 billion USD (as compared to $2,354 billion USD for America), there's only so much money to go around. I mean, that's about $118 for every Indian citizen. We're hardly going to mount [Numbers from Wikipedia]

Also, in India we're big on the whole freedom-of-the-individual thing. We will not "isolate and neutralize" somebody with extreme beliefs or philosophies. We'll arrest them when we can prove they committed a crime in a court of law. Sorry, but that's how a free country works.

We've got a lot of faults, I know, but we're NOT subhuman or monsters, and it's insulting to insinuate we are. About the only thing you got right in your post was that we're from distant lands.

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To be posted, maybe, etc.

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  • This in response to?
    • I -did- post it eventually, so it should be on my 'posts' list now. Feel free to comment/bash/etc :).
      • Right. Now makes sense, after I've read the context.

        Fairly commendable that you immediately identified with whoever the OP was blaming; many in your position would have read him/her as "Muslims" and not necessarily as, well, (dysfunctional) "brownies" (which, let's face it, was the brunt of the OP's argument wasn't it).

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