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Journal John Harrison's Journal: CleanFlicks should be championed by /. 5

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CleanFlicks should be championed by /.

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  • My "real" name is...

    Harrison John.
  • Let the bigots and prudes use their ferocious persistance to free our media rights! It is a good distraction from having them fight to censor everything for the rest of us. And, they tend to acheive the results they want... Look at Santorum and Frist!
  • Can someone out there in journal land explain to me why so many here at /. take the corporate/anti-free stance on this?

    Those who are not supporting Cleanflicks et al are taking the pro-artist rather than anti-artist stance. There's nothing "pro-corporate" or "anti-corporate" about it, especially in this case where it's the Director's Guild vs Cleanflix Inc.

    But that said, the entire premise of your complaint is wrong. This is the FIRST time I've seen people generally pro-artist on the subject. The last

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