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Authorized Emblems for your Military Funeral

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  • Are we radioactive or something?

  • Er...did I miss something? Are you sure this is new? In fact I'm fairly sure I've seen an atheist symbol in the Columbarium at Arlington. IIRC an atom or something like that. (Unfortunately your link to Arlington is as dead as the residents.)

    In fact I distinctly recall leoPetr mentioning the symbol in one of his blogs once upon a time.



    • The link worked just fine for me. Perhaps he fixed it. I liked the humanist symbol. Oh, well, I'll never be burried there anyway.... ;-)

      Funny that two symbols are not displayed because they are copyrighted. Oddly enough one of them is the muslim one

      • Odd...the link still doesn't work for me. It's not my browser, either (I tried Safari and Firefox). I did find this page [va.gov], though, with a list of the symbols available.

        Still, I'm fairly sure atheists have had the choice of a symbol for some time. IIRC it's Wiccans who are the ones not getting their symbol (the pentacle). Seems particularly bizarre that groups like Eckankar get one, but Wiccans don't.



        • I have no clue what Eckankar means, but I suspect the Wiccan symbol is not allowed because some braindead officials think that it's a symbol for the devil. Even tough the pentacle has many more meanings, so I do not agree with that decision. The page you link to essentially shows the same symbols. I'd even bet that they are the same scans (they seem scanned to me)

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