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Journal SlashCapper's Journal: SlashCapper's Bettors Guide for 29 June, 2006 1

Thus far: 31-47-1, -$356.78 (-8.40% of risk)

Bankroll stands at $643.19 ($274.09 retained earnings)

  • Washington (J. Patterson vs. R. Halladay): $10 @ +205
  • NY Mets (T. Glavine vs. C. Schilling): $21 @ +147
  • Philadelphia (R. Madson vs. R. Lopez): $14 @ +126
  • Kansas City (B. Keppel vs. B. Arroyo): $14 @ +240

Aggregate risk: $59

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SlashCapper's Bettors Guide for 29 June, 2006

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