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Journal yagu's Journal: ads continue offensive evolution 4

I know it's not about spam, but it's becoming just as intrusive, indsidious and offensive. And the new Flash "ad" is on the top of the Slashdot page! Shazbot! WTF?

I'm running Flashblock, I thought an acceptable solution to the annoying Flash ads, but now Flash ads are figuring out ways to step on your browser real estate even though Flashblock is blocking them from running. Shazbot!

The current offender is some Intel ad -- yeah, I clicked the Flashblock start arrow just to see who the f*** was doing the advertising. Yeah, it was Intel.

Guess what, I was just looking at new laptops, weighing ins and outs of various configurations. Guess what just got a very negative weight? Yeah, Intel. So, the few machines I'd narrowed it down to -- yeah, I'm getting an AMD machine.

I know AMD is probably putting out their own offensive Flash ad somewhere, and I'll deal and react with that if and when I encounter it -- but it so happens Intel was front and center with this new crap.

(An aside on this, aside from the annoyance factor for me -- I know how to accommodate, and deal, and re-configure with this annoying advertising. But now I know I'm going to run into yet another round of support issues for friends and family who don't know what's happening to their once familiar web site, -- "Something keeps showing up at 'XXXX', and it's not what I asked for!". Gawd I hate the advertising industry.

You want to re-direct my purchasing dollars elsewhere?, keep it up with the f***ing annoying ads!

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ads continue offensive evolution

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  • I caught a screenshot of a page-internal pop-up ad the other day, and submitted it to pudge in email. It was taken care of.

    Might not help, in your case, though...flash ads may be annoying, but they're not the uber-annoying pop-ups from the yesteryear of web browsing.
  • I haven't seen an ad on any webpage, much less slashdot, ever since I installed Adlock Plus and Adblock Filterset.G Updater. It's a pretty grand combination and I'd recommend it.
  • Similarly, I went forever without an ad-blocker. I don't mind inoffensive ads, and if a web site can make some money by hosting them, I'm fine with that. I've even clicked on one or two, though I didn't end up buying the product. So it was 'no-ad-blocker' for me.

    Until last Friday.

    Indeed, it was a Flash ad (.swf file type) that one site put up - and I visit that site as a part of my morning routine.

    After enough days of the same annoying crap, I installed Adblock, and had it block everything from that site

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