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Journal Raindance's Journal: Blog Update 6

At long last I've gotten my science webpage/blog up and running- the address is It's currently a smorgasbord of topics, so if you're interested in science there's probably something for you there.

I plan to update it decently often, but my emphasis will be on quality science writing and thinking rather than regular posting.

As with any beginning author, I'm very eager for feedback. Come on over and say hello!

Update: Reworked the neurogenesis post for accuracy and clarity.

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Blog Update

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  • Added to the list of blogs I'll visit.

    • Me too. High signal-to-noise so far. The review of Kurzweil's book is going to deman more of my attention when I have a moment.

    • That's great.

      I actually spent a little extra time on the neurology post in case you'd visit. I didn't want to come across as completely clueless to someone who works on this sort of stuff. :)
  • I, for one, welcome our new brain cell growing geezer overlords...err..wait..

    Really, that was pretty interesting, glad to see there are proactive steps that can be taken to stay fresh in the noodle. And it is further evidence that how you react to life influences how your physical body responds, something noted by philosophers of old but until semi recently not proven by hard science. You are what you eat, think and do.

This screen intentionally left blank.