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Journal PotatoHead's Journal: Been a while since I wrote anything here...

I still read Slash daily, but have cut back on posting for some reason. Love the community, but have been spending my posting time elsewhere, mostly blogging and yacking about classic Atari game programming.

(In reverse order)

Been doing a lot of thinking about political issues lately as well. Where Slashdot is concerned, the whole "protect the children" bit and net neutrality are the biggies.

Of course, parents need to watch their kids online just like they do anywhere else. There is just no way we can dumb the whole thing down in a way that makes any sense at all... unless!

We give up net neutrality! That's it, we can save the kids and shut up all the noisy (and increasingly relevant I might add) folks who have just a bit too much publishing power.

Makes me sick.

So, geeks start learning about advocacy and start practicing it, or we will not be happy geeks in the near future.

Think otherwise? By all means, enlighten me. I can use all the help I can get!

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Been a while since I wrote anything here...

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