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Journal PDA_Monkey's Journal: Recent developments.... 2

I was unable to make my computer support business provide full-time income, so I reluctantly sought a job.

Two separate interviews later, I'm working as an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test [Automation]) at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.
I'm part of the team that just launched http://shopping.live.com/. IE only for now, but Firefox support is coming.
It's actually kind of interesting and fun working on a project with other smart people again. And the steady income will make my creditors happy, too. :-/

My car broke again, but it was fixed within 1 week.
The front motor mount was torn and the bracket attaching it to the engine and transmission was snapped in half due to being improperly mounted; it was only attached with 1 of 3 needed bolts.
Also damaged was the 1 mounting point from the transmission case. Now the bracket is attached to the remaining 2 of 3 mounting points on the transmission and definitely feels a lot stiffer. This should suffice until I destroy the engine again or get a motorcycle for my daily 90 mile round-trip commute (argh).

To Degress (and anyone else cuirous):
I'm sorry for not responding to you; I hadn't checked back in on my journal until today and that thread is now locked.

Yes, I did see it coming, but not as soon as it happened... I was hoping to have my car fixed and my business ramping up so I could quit instead of allowing them the satisfaction of firing me. Fortunately (I guess), I was the very last person to be let go and the company was sold 1 week later. They did give me a decent severance package which supported us for about 1.5 months.

A co-worker friend left the company shortly after the sale as he had become sick of their crap.

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Recent developments....

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  • Having the name Microsoft on your resume won't hurt either, should you decide to move on from this one. And of course, learning (testing) a whole web-based system will be good experience too.

    Severance pay does help. I worry a little bit about my current position. My employer is being informally investigated for possible illegal options grants to its highest executives. The stock is slowly dropping, and that's when the finance weenies call for RIFs to prop up the value of the stock.

    Which is why I'm keeping

    • I hope it goes well for you.

      Back when I worked for FreeInternet.com, I refused their offer of stock options and instead demanded more cash pay. Glad I did.

      I turned down Microsoft at least 2 times in the past because it was too far from home. Now it's even farther, but I had to do something and this was the first something to come along. :-\

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