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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: How messed up will my back be next week? 1

So I've been living with a minor sciatica condition for about adecade now with occasional flare-ups when it would slightly worse, but only one time was it really debilitating.

So the other day when i was having a lot of back pain while driving i thought that was what i was dealing with. however, as it got worse and could no longer sit or lay down at all except flat on my back i deicded I needed a "professional" opinion. I got a referral from primary care dr. to see a chiropractor and that went well. They told me the problem is not my sciatica this time but my sacro-illiac joint. they got me started on a course of PT that seemed to be helping, but as i was running out of leftover Vicodin from broken shoulder a year ago, I had to go see my Primary Care Dr. to have him look at it as well. He had the same diagniosis but was concerned about numbness in my foot. So he sent me to get X-ays and an (my first ever) MRI. Those showed that I also have a bulging disc in my lower back.

Despite all these problems, I was making progress in PT and finding it easier to get comfortable to sleep at night. But then something happened this morning, incredible shooting pain from my hip - bad enough that hopped my bed, crunched down a vicodin, and sprwaled out on the bed until it took effect.

So here I am, I don't expect to be going anywhere soon, i can't really walk and taking the vicodin, the psin is somewhat bearable.

updates to follow

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How messed up will my back be next week?

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