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Journal AviLazar's Journal: Acapulco

Ahh, the life of me! My friend calls me Thursday, because he forgot his passport. He is on a cruise, and the first stop is Acapulco (not a problem, if you have a drivers license). The next stop, however, is to a place where you need a passport - so if he cannot get his, then they kick him off the cruise. He calls me Thursday, and asks me to book a flight. So 10 PM I book a flight to Acapulco, and I my flight takes off 8 hours later.

I get there and stay two blocks from the Copcabana (it is Spring Break afterall). I party all weekend long, and go to (literally) best nightclub I have ever been to, called Palladium.

I party, I drink, I dance (and there were so many hot girls from all over), I drink more...In fact, I met Montezuma, his name was really Tequilla and he spent the next day waging war on my head getting revenge for the loss of Texas, California and even the destruction of the Aztec/Myan empires.

I went alone, but met so many people - who were friendly and invited me to join them - so I was not really alone. The food was amazing. The scenary - just wow - and well, the weather was 86 degrees and very low humidity!

Overall, this was a great trip. I would highly recommend to go back (though with friends).

And the best part - this trip was totally free, as in "Free as in Beer?" Yup
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