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Journal Cliff's Journal: Adding Insult to Injury... 6

As if last night's escapade wasn't bad enough. I had a friend take me out shopping, to replace some of the things that I had lost. Most notably, I wanted to get safer space heaters. So, we shop. It was a fun time, and I really enjoyed spending some time with my friend, outside of the college environment that I work in. We get back to my place, I unload my haul into the house, and notice some guy walking down the alley. He's whistling. Apparently he appears to be whistling for a lost dog, and my friends car is sittling on the street, engine running, and we both fear that he might jump into the car and drive off with it. Neither of us get a close look at the guy, we just know that the whole scene is off, so we don't get a good description of the guy.

That was a mistake.

So, worried about my friend and her car, I rush the packages into the house, and lock the back door, not setting the home alarm since I figured I would be back soon enough.

That was a serious mistake.

We drive off without incident, and she drops me off nearby so I can walk to the local Gas-mart to pick up some sodas, snacks and other things to get me through the night. On my way back home (I'm on foot at this point), I notice that the local bar is having Open Mic Night. I figure I might stop in for a few drinks, and to soak in the local color. I had fun. I met a few people I hadn't seen in a while. Had a few drinks (since I hadn't been in a bar for months), and enjoyed the entertainment. After about an hour (or maybe a few minutes more), I call it quits and begin the short walk back home.

After I get within walking distance of the house, I notice lights on that I don't remember leaving on. This worries me a bit, but not that much. After rounding the final corner, I notice the back door is wide open.

This is wrong. I made a point of deadlocking that door whenever I leave.

It is about that time that I notice that the kitchen window has a nice hole in it, a result of the sizable rock that slung through it. I enter the house, and within seconds, I notice the shambles within.

And my 32" Sony Trinitron Vega TV is gone.

After spending valuable seconds kicking myself for not triggering the alarm, I do so manually. Brinks calls within 2 minutes and I have them call the police. The don't show for at least an hour and a half (this being a call-not-in-progress).

I'm stunned. After kicking myself for not triggering the alarm, I make 2 (two!) calls to 911, and the police finally show, take my report and process the house (and take my fingerprints).

So, for the second night in a row, I find myself in my second office, trying to find some way to get to sleep.

And I'm failing miserably.

I get the feeling that this is going to be a looong week.
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Adding Insult to Injury...

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  • by tf23 ( 27474 )
    damn, rough week man :(

    we have one rule here - always, always, always set the alarm. and not 'stay' but 'away' so that the motion sensors and all that crap are on.

    when we first moved into this house, ~4 years ago, we were pretty lax about setting it. infact, for probably 2.5 years it was hardly on. then we read about a "home invasion" type thing that happened only a few miles from here, and that was enough of a shocker to get us off our asses. now it is set anytime we leave the house, even if it's for a wal
  • by Cliff ( 4114 ) *
    Setting the alarm was something that I was pathological about up until last night, and it serves me right that the first time I forget (no, let's be fair... I chose) not to arm it I get hit.

    Damned right I was cased. The timing is too suspect to think otherwise.
  • of course, you know that a lot better than i do. i haven't been robbed since i was in high school, and when that happened they stole mostly my parent's stuff.

    i hope that was this week's way of bottoming out for you. perhaps insurance will decide to be human and not give you too much trouble replacing your tv and anything else you find missing.
  • what a lousy week, Cliff! Oh, man...I am so glad you didn't get burned up or shot by a burglar.


  • That's a really crappy week bud.

    Hope it gets better for you.

    Did you get a decent description of said shady dude? Good enough to inform the police?
    • by Cliff ( 4114 ) *
      That about sums it up. I am kicking myself. I knew something was off, but I was in such a hurry (and still shook up over the previous days events) to not think clearly and get a good description.

      Not to mention it was bloody dark at the time.

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