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Journal lewp's Journal: Go go Windows!

So I did a motherboard do si do and swapped some other hardware around and found out that XP wouldn't boot on my game box. I reinstalled Windows, and decided I should install SP2 this time.

As I was downloading drivers and WoW patches and such the automatic update icon showed up in the system tray and told me to download all the latest security patches. I got everything, except the Malicious Software Removal Tool, simply because I don't feel like messing with it yet; plus, I'm used to free third party programs that do the same thing, and I've got no incentive to switch. I unchecked the box for the update, and checked the "don't ask me about this again" box.

A few minutes later, it popped up the same thing, only this time it was for the January 2006 update instead of February. I skipped it again, checked the "don't ask me" box, and was offered the December 2005 version. It has continued in this fashion to count backwards, offering me increasingly outdated monthly updates for software I didn't want in the first place.

I just cancelled June 2005. I wonder how far back it goes.

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Go go Windows!

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