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Journal Adam9's Journal: Oh the horrors of Slashdot! 2

Oh the horrors of Slashdot moderation! Let's divide up the "problems" with the system because it's so flawed.

First, we have unfair moderations. Everyone knows this is Slashdot's fault because their evil editors control the minds of whoever is given moderator points. Even if they didn't, Slashdot never invested in the magic wand to cure all CSMs (crack smoking moderators). Shame on Slashdot.

Second, we have duplicate articles. Everyone is sick of seeing the same article posted 10 times in one day. Well, that might not be true, but it's just the same as the same article posted 7 months ago! Again, shame on Slashdot for not researching through years of archives to find any remote duplications.

Third, we have ltos fo spellign errorz. i Get stoopider everyDay i reed slush dawt. Oh please, there are worse things to worry about than obsessing over English dictionaries.

Fourth, the stories aren't true! The sky is falling! Slashdot editors have better things to do than to be walking talking encylopedias or finding microscopic flaws in an article. If it's wrong, why not just make a comment about it and enjoy the extra 3 or 4 karma points?

Fifth, oh wait! What if I don't need the karma points? Yeah! That karma cap sent from hell is meant to destroy my life and it's all because of Slashdot! Yeah, right. Everyone wants people with 500+ karma points from posting goggle cache links to every article. If you don't want to be selfish about it, post the link as AC and it'll be much more likely to be mod'd up (in my book). WAIT! MY KARMA WENT DOWN ONE POINT BUT I SHOULD'VE GAINED 4! Oh no! Get over it.

Sixth, last but not least, Slashdot articles suck! Why do you evil editors FORCE me to read all of these? This isn't exactly Clockwork Orange. No one's forcing you to read anything. Don't like it? Don't read it. Want to complain? Journals! Oh wait.. you expect to be mod'd up by posting an offtopic comment on an article that whines about the moderation system. Some people visit the articles to read about them, not to read about someone complaining about the mod system.

So what do you do now? Get Slashdot, PHPSlash, whatever, and fix it up yourself. Nothing's stopping you from trying out Scoop either.

Just keep in mind the editors aren't the big bad cookie monster out to get you. They aren't miracle workers either. Constructive critism can work wonders.

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Oh the horrors of Slashdot!

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